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Expositor's Dictionary of Texts

Hosea 10

Verses 1-15

Sow to Yourselves

Hosea 10:12

Our hearts are like a field, and if we neglect them the only crop we can look for is the natural weeds of the soil; but if we get our hearts made clean and then diligently sow to ourselves in righteousness, we may hope for a gracious and holy harvest.

I. We are to sow to ourselves. Religion is personal, and our first duty is to look well to ourselves.

a. Our own spiritual comfort is of paramount importance.

b. In order to sow in righteousness, unrighteousness must be put away.

II. What shall we sow? We are to sow in righteousness that is, we are to cultivate and practise the things which constitute a righteous and godly life. To sow in righteousness

a. We must have simple, earnest faith.

b. We must cherish a holy dread of sin.

c. We must seek after spiritual knowledge.

d. We must cultivate love.

e. We must maintain Christian habits.

What our habits should be we may easily learn from the Word of God. This sowing in righteousness must be constant.

III. If we sow we shall also reap. 'Reap in mercy.' The reaping mercy will be in this world as well as in the next. Religion bears present fruit.

a. One result of sowing in righteousness will be strength and stability.

b. Another result of righteous sowing will be spiritual comfort and joy.

c. We are to reap in mercy God's infinite everlasting mercy to His children. Mercy for all our need. Mercy for ever. Only sow to yourselves in righteousness, and you shall reap according to mercy in the life that now is, and in that which is to come.

G. Charlesworth, Sermonic Suggestions, p. 19.

Seeking the Lord an Immediate Duty

Hosea 10:12

The state of the people of Israel was such that they had need to seek God by repentance and prayer. But the text is equally applicable to all who are not at peace with God.

I. A Great and Solemn Duty. The duty of seeking God is the first and most pressing duty of every sinner.

a. The text implies that God has been forsaken, or forgotten. This is true of all who have not repented and come to God.

b. Since man, as a sinner, is estranged from God, his duty is to seek God by repentance and prayer.

c. Seeking God implies faith in Jesus Christ.

d. Only by seeking God can we be delivered from sin and its dreadful consequences.

II. It is Time to Seek.

e. That it is time to seek the Lord is clear from the plain teaching of Scripture.

f. It is time to seek the Lord because much evil has already been committed.

g. It is time to seek the Lord because difficulties are increased by delay.

h. It is time to seek the Lord because life is so uncertain.

G. Charlesworth, Sermonic Suggestions, p. 22.

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