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1 Peter 4

Edwards' Family Bible New TestamentFamily Bible NT

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Verse 1

Christ hath suffered for us in the flesh ; referring to what has been said before. 1 Peter 3:18

With the same mind ; the same readiness to suffer in the flesh that Christ manifested.

Hath suffered in the flesh ; after the example of Christ and from love towards him; for it is suffering for Christ’s sake that the apostle has in view. Compare 1 Peter 1:6-7 ; 1 Peter 2:19-21 ; 1 Peter 3:14-17

Hath ceased from sin ; hath died to sin spiritually in union with Christ, as the effect of his suffering. Compare the words of Paul, "our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin." Romans 6:6

The possession of the spirit of Christ is the best preparation for trials, which work out for his people an exceeding and eternal weight of glory. 2 Corinthians 4:17

Verse 2

To the lusts of men ; controlled by sinful inclinations.

Verse 3

Wrought the will of the Gentiles ; lived as do the heathen, for sensual gratifications.

Abominable idolatries ; of the gentile world. See the introduction to this epistle.

Verse 4

They ; the wicked.

The change which the grace of God produces in the character and conduct of men, especially of the openly vicious, often appears to their former companions strange; and they are apt to impute it to bad motives, and to speak evil of it, because they are condemned by it.

Verse 5

Who ; these blasphemers.

Quick ; living.

Verse 6

Preached-to them that are dead ; preached to them when they were living. If, with many commentators, we understand these difficult words of those who have been persecuted, especially those who have suffered martyrdom for Christ’s sake, the meaning will be, that they might, after the example of their Master,

be judged according to men -suffer in accordance with the judgement of men-

in the flesh ; but live according to God ; in accordance with God’s will and divine power

in the spirit ; in their spiritual and immortal nature.

Verse 7

The end of all things ; the end of the world, which the holy scriptures would have us consider as ever near, and for which they exhort us to maintain a constant state of preparation. 2Pe 2:10-12 Practically this end comes to each one of us at death, when our probation closes for ever; as it is written, "After this, the judgment," Hebrews 9:27

The shortness of time and the nearness of eternity should lead all so to live as to be habitually prepared for a change of worlds.

Verse 8

Fervent charity ; ardent love to one another.

Shall cover the multitude of sins ; by leading him who exercises it to overlook and forgive the sins of his brethren. The words are quoted from Proverbs 10:12

Verse 10

The gift ; the spiritual gift qualifying him to serve God in a particular way. Compare the very similar passage in Romans 12:6-8

The manifold grace of God ; manifesting itself in the bestowment of manifold gifts.

Verse 11

The means and the measure of a man’s duty is the ability which God gives him; and all that he requires is, that what he gives should be used according to his will.

Verse 12

Fiery trial ; the great sufferings which were coming upon them.

Verse 13

Christ’s sufferings ; See note on " Col 1:24 "

Verse 14

For the name of Christ ; literally, in the name of Christ; that is, as those who bear his name. See note on " 1Pe 4:16 "

Resteth upon you ; to sustain you in your sufferings and make you victorious over them.

On their part ; by the wicked.

He ; Christ.

Verse 16

On this behalf ; in this respect; for this evidence, namely, of likeness to Christ, and means of preparation for heaven. Acts 5:41 Philippians 3:10 ; Philippians 1:24

Verse 17

At the house of God ; with the people of God.

Wicked men by persecuting Christians are instrumental in their purification and preparation for heaven; and when they put them to death, they put an end to all their sorrows, and open upon them everlasting joys; while in doing this they ripen themselves for endless woe.

Verse 18

Scarcely be saved ; saved with difficulty, through many trials.

Where shall the ungodly-appear? how certain and awful will be their destruction. The words are quoted from the Greek version of Pro 11:31 where see note.

Verse 19

A faithful creator ; able and willing to sustain, comfort, and bless them under all trials, and in due time to save them with an everlasting salvation.

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Edwards, Justin. "Commentary on 1 Peter 4". "Edwards' Family Bible New Testament". https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/fam/1-peter-4.html. American Tract Society. 1851.
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