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2 Corinthians 2

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Verse 1

In heaviness ; in grief and sorrow, as he must have done, had he visited Corinth before the disorders in the church to which he referred in his first epistle had been removed.

Verse 2

If I make you sorry ; a delicate way of saying that he has the strongest motives not to grieve any one of them, if he can possibly avoid it; since it is from the very person grieved that he looks for his comfort. Compare chap 2 Corinthians 1:14 .

Verse 3

I wrote this same ; the admonitions contained in his first epistle.

Verse 4

Faithful ministers of the gospel are often made sorrowful by those who ought to give them joy; and the efforts which most grieve or offend some of their people, may spring from sincere love to them, and a most earnest desire for their good.

Verse 5

He ; the person referred to in 1 Corinthians 5:1 .

But in part ; he had not grieved Paul only, but the sound part of the church also.

Not overcharge you all ; not speak as if all were guilty, or equally so.

Verse 6

Such a man ; the offender referred to, who had, by the discipline of the church, been brought to repentance.

This punishment ; his excommunication, according to Paul’s direction, 1 Corinthians 5:4-5 ; which was to be effected, not by Peter or Paul, but by the authority of the church.

Verse 7

Contrariwise ; instead of continuing his exclusion from the church, they ought now to restore him.

Verse 8

Confirm your love toward him ; by receiving him again into the church. The objects of church discipline are the repentance of offenders and the honor of religion. Whenever these are accomplished, offenders should be forgiven, and such as have been excommunicated should be received again to Christian communion.

Verse 9

To this end-did I write ; his object in his first epistle was to induce them, by disciplining this man, to give evidence of their disposition to do right.

Verse 10

For if I forgave-forgave I it ; or, For if I have forgiven any thing, to whomsoever I have forgiven it, it is for your sakes. As the punishment had in view their profit, not the gratification of his own private feelings, so also the forgiveness.

In the person of Christ ; acting as an inspired apostle for Christ and under his direction.

Verse 11

Lest Satan should get an advantage of us ; by leading them to be needlessly severe, to the injury of the offender and of religion.

His devices ; in tempting men to sinful extremes. Satan is an artful and malignant spirit, and has many devices for injuring the cause of Christ and ruining the souls of men. Persons who disbelieve his existence, who do not oppose his influence, or are ignorant of his devices, are not qualified to discharge the duties of ministers of Christ.

Verse 12

Troas ; a city on the way from Ephesus to Macedonia, where Paul expected to meet Titus and learn from him the effect of his first epistle. But in this he was disappointed. He therefore left Troas and went into Macedonia, where he met Titus, and learned the happy issue of things at Corinth. This caused him to break forth in thanksgiving to God for the success which had attended his labors. Verse 2 Corinthians 2:14 .

Verse 14

The savor of his knowledge ; the sweet savor of the knowledge of Christ.

Verse 15

A sweet savor of Christ ; what he has said of the knowledge of Christ he now applies to those who preach Christ. To God they are a sweet savor of the knowledge of Christ; for both the message itself, and they who from love towards Christ and their fellow-men publish it, are most precious in God’s sight, and that whether men receive Christ or reject him.

Verse 16

The savor of death unto death ; a deadly savor, having death for its result; because, by rejecting the gospel, they turn that which was intended for their life into an occasion of death.

The savor of life unto life ; a life-giving savor, having life for its result.

These things ; the duties, responsibilities, and labors of such a solemn office. The faithful labors of preachers of the gospel are highly pleasing to the Lord, however they may be regarded by their people, and whatever may be their effects. But as those effects are momentous and eternal, and depend much on the character and conduct of ministers, their responsibilities are great, and they should earnestly seek wisdom from above to direct them in the discharge of their duties.

Verse 17

Corrupt the word of God ; adulterate it by a mixture of human additions, thus destroying its efficacy.

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