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Colossians 3

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Verse 1

Risen ; after the example of Christ and in union with him, from your death in sin to a new divine life. See chap Colossians 2:12 ; Romans 6:3-11 ; Ephesians 2:1-6 .

Verse 3

Dead ; dead to your former life of sin.

Your life ; your new life to which you have risen in Christ through faith. This life comprehends both the present spiritual life of the soul and the glorious resurrection life of which it is the earnest; for both together constitute that one everlasting life, the beginning of which all who believe in Christ has as a present possession. John 3:36 ; John 5:24 ; John 6:40 ; John 6:54 ; 1 John 5:13 .

Is hid with Christ in God ; hid along with Christ, whose members ye are, in the bosom of God in heaven. It is then, first, safe from all the assaults of wicked men and evil spirits, John 10:27-29 ; secondly, invisible to the eye of sense, so that not only does the world know us not, as it knew not Christ in his humiliation, but we do not ourselves know what we shall be. 1 John 3:1-2 .

Verse 4

Shall appear ; shall be manifested in glory at his second coming.

Shall ye also appear ; be manifested, so that all shall see the glory which God has bestowed on you. Christ is the light, life, and joy of his people. Because he lives, they shall live; and when he comes, it will be to be glorified in his saints, and admired in all them that believe. 2 Thessalonians 1:10 .

Verse 5

Mortify therefore ; since ye are dead with Christ, act consistently in putting to death your members which are upon the earth ; your bodily members as the instruments of earthly lust; in other words, the sinful passions that exert their power in your bodily members; so that from being "servants to uncleanness and to iniquity," they may become "servants to righteousness." Romans 6:19 .

Verse 9

The old man ; those inclinations and habits which belong to man before conversion.

Verse 10

Put on ; adopted new principles and entered on a new course of life, in consequence of having been renewed in the spirit of their minds by the Holy Ghost.

Verse 11

Greek nor Jew-Barbarian , Scythian , bond nor free ; bondmen and freemen, and men of all descriptions who are born of the Spirit, have equal rights and are entitled to equal privileges in the church of Christ. They are all living members of his living body, and objects of his gracious favor. The standing of persons in the Christian church, and their rights and privileges as members, do not depend on their outward circumstances or condition in life, but on their union to Him on whom they are dependent, and to whom they are accountable.

Verse 14

Charity ; love.

The bond of perfectness ; as binding together all the other graces into one whole, and thus making the Christian character complete. Love to God and to men, dependence on Christ, and a desire to obey his will, are the source and security of right actions, and are, in all conditions and relations, essential to perfection of human character and conduct.

Verse 15

The peace of God ; that which he gives, and which resembles his own.

Verses 16-25

On these verses see the notes on the very similar passage, Ephesians 5:19-33 ; Ephesians 6:1-9 .

Verse 21

Provoke not your children ; by unkindly and improperly finding fault with them, being difficult to please, or failing to commend and encourage them when they do well.

Lest they be discouraged ; despair of being able to please you, and so become broken in spirit and reckless in regard to your wishes. A most important admonition to all parents who would retain their influence over their children.

Verse 22

In all things ; unless they command you to do wrong.

Not-as men - pleasers ; not merely or principally for the purpose of pleasing men, with constrained or outward service only; but willingly, heartily, from regard to God, and for the purpose of pleasing him.

Verse 24

The reward of the inheritance ; the gracious reward of the heavenly inheritance which he will give to his children.

Verse 25

No respect of persons ; servants and masters will stand together before God, be judged by the same law, and be rewarded or punished according to their character and conduct. It is the will of God that there should be government, law, and order-that some should command, and others obey; but no degree of power or authority gives any a right to require of others what is wrong, or if they do require it, makes it the duty of others to obey. Each one is bound supremely to regard God, and whatever may be the consequences, to make it the great object in all things to please him.

Bibliographical Information
Edwards, Justin. "Commentary on Colossians 3". "Edwards' Family Bible New Testament". https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/fam/colossians-3.html. American Tract Society. 1851.
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