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John 9

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Verse 3

Neither ; neither his sin nor theirs was the cause of his blindness.

That the works of God ; the man was born blind, that Christ, by performing the divine work of healing him, might show himself to be God. God so orders things in his providence as best to display the true character of the Saviour; and men are sometimes left to suffer sore trials, that they may see his goodness, and magnify his power and grace in the removal.

Verse 4

I must work ; the works of God-perform divine works.

While it is day ; while I live on earth.

The night ; death, which was to the Saviour the close of his earthly ministry.

Verse 5

I am the light of the world ; the spiritual light of the world. This he says with reference to the natural light which he is about to restore to the blind man, and which was a striking symbol of the inward illumination that he gives to the souls of them that believe on him.

Verse 7

Pool of Siloam ; this pool or reservoir was in the south-east part of Jerusalem, at the mouth of the narrow valley separating mount Zion from the hill Ophel. Its water comes from a subterranean channel, from a fountain higher up on the east side of Ophel. Luke 13:4 .

Sent ; the meaning of the Hebrew word Siloam. Some think it was so called because its water was sent, that is, conducted to its place by the subterranean channel just named.

Verse 16

Keepeth not the Sabbath - day ; he did not keep it as the Pharisees directed, but he did keep it according to the letter and spirit of the fourth commandment.

A sinner ; a transgressor of God’s law.

Verse 21

He is of age ; old enough to answer for himself.

Verse 22

Put out of the synagogue ; excluded from the people and worship of God-excommunicated. Tyrants in church and state try by pains and penalties to prevent men from embracing the truth. They appeal not to reason and conscience, but to force. They labor to preclude inquiry, stifle private judgment, and in many cases prevent those under their control from receiving the instruction afforded by the providence and word of God.

Verse 24

The praise ; the praise of healing him.

Verse 33

Do nothing ; do no miracle.

Verse 34

Cast him out ; of the synagogue.

Verse 35

Jesus Christ especially regards those who suffer for his sake, and will manifest himself to them in such a way as to lead them to worship and adore him. For the temporary enmity of men, they will be abundantly recompensed by the everlasting friendship of God.

Verse 39

For judgment ; that those who feel their spiritual blindness, and apply to me for sight, may receive it; and that those who do not, but proudly imagine that they see enough already, and reject my aid, may sink in deeper darkness, and be more blind than ever. The effect upon men of Christ’s teaching, is according to their treatment of it. This depends very much on their views of themselves, and of their need of his aid. If they feel that they are spiritually blind, and apply to him for sight, they will receive it; while others who view his help as needless, and think they see and know enough already, will remain in darkness, and their sin and consequent punishment be greater than if Christ had never come.

Verse 41

If ye were blind ; had no opportunity or capacity for receiving spiritual light.

Ye should have no sin ; comparatively; your sin would be much less.

We see ; you pride yourselves on your knowledge of divine things, yet you reject me and God’s revelation concerning me, and therefore remain ignorant, unpardoned, and in aggravated guilt.

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Edwards, Justin. "Commentary on John 9". "Edwards' Family Bible New Testament". https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/fam/john-9.html. American Tract Society. 1851.
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