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Bible Commentaries

F.B. Meyer's 'Through the Bible' CommentaryMeyer's Commentary

- Malachi

by Frederick Brotherton Meyer

Outline of Malachi

“The Lord’s Messenger”

I. God’s Unwearied Love for His People, Malachi 1:1-5

II. The Sins of the Priests, Malachi 1:6-14 ; Malachi 2:1-9

III. The Evils of Idolatry and Divorce, Malachi 2:10-16

IV. The Coming Judgment,Malachi 2:17; Malachi 2:17 ; Malachi 3:1-6

VI. The Book of Remembrance, Malachi 3:13-18

VII. The Day of the Lord, Malachi 4:1-6

Introduction to Malachi

The name Malachi means “my messenger,” so that, perhaps we do not know the name of the real author of this book, who hides himself behind his office and his message. Sixty years had passed since the first return of Israel from the land of captivity, under Joshua and Zerubbabel, and during this time the holy seed had become mingled with the people of the land. It was necessary, therefore, for a compelling voice to demand the purging and cleansing of the priesthood and the people.

The moral and religious condition of Israel was at a low ebb. They were the slaves of formalism and self-righteousness; satisfied with themselves, and not hesitating to blaspheme God’s name. Therefore instead of the language of promise and encouragement used by Haggai and Zechariah, there was need to substitute the reproofs and warnings of this last of the prophets, between whom and the New Testament four hundred years were destined to intervene.

e-Sword Note: The following material was presented at the end of Malachi in the printed edition

Review Questions on Malachi


( a ) What sins does the prophet rebuke?

( b ) To what great event does the prophecy look forward?


( c ) What does the name “Malachi” mean?

( d ) What is the nature of this prophecy?

( e ) What is Malachi’s position among the prophets? How many years of silence were to elapse before a new messenger should appear?

Malachi 1-4

Each question applies to the paragraph of corresponding number in the Comments.

1. How did the Jews show contempt for God and His worship?

2. In what way had the priesthood especially transgressed?

3. What work would “the messenger of the covenant” perform?

4. What precious promise is for them who fear the Lord and think upon His name?

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