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the Week of Proper 6 / Ordinary 11
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F.B. Meyer's 'Through the Bible' CommentaryMeyer's Commentary

- Matthew

by Frederick Brotherton Meyer

Outline of the Gospel according to Matthew

The King of the House of David

I. The Coming of the King, Matthew 1:1-11

1. His Genealogy, Matthew 1:1-17

2. His Birth and Early Life , Matthew 1:18-25 ; Matthew 2:1-23

3. His Baptism, Matthew 3:1-17

4. His Temptation , Matthew 4:1-11

II. Proclaiming the Kingdom, Matthew 4:12-12

1. The Beginning of the Galilean Ministry , Matthew 4:12-25

2. The Sermon on the Mount , Matthew 5:1-48 ; Matthew 6:1-34 ; Matthew 7:1-29

3. Miracles of Healing , Matthew 8:1-34 ; Matthew 9:1-35

4. Sending Forth of the Twelve , Matthew 9:36-42

5. Discourses and Kingdom Parables , Matthew 11:1-12

III. Facing Rejection, Matthew 16:13-46

1. Peter’s Confession-Rejection Announced , Matthew 16:13-28

2. The Transfiguration , Matthew 17:1-9

3. Questions, Discourses and Parables of Judgment , Matthew 17:10-46

IV. Enduring the Cross, Matthew 26:1-75 ; Matthew 27:1-66

1. Plots of Foes and Devotion of Friends , Matthew 26:1-16

2. The Last Supper and the Agony in the Garden , Matthew 26:17-46

3. The Betrayal , Matthew 26:47-56

4. The Jewish and Roman Trials , Matthew 26:57-75 ; Matthew 27:1-25

5. The Crucifixion and Burial , Matthew 27:26-66

V. Conquering Death, Matthew 28:1-20

1. The Visit of the Women to the Empty Tomb , Matthew 28:1-8

2. The Risen Christ , Matthew 28:9-10

3. The Testimony of the Soldiers , Matthew 28:11-15

4. The Great Commission , Matthew 28:16-20


There is no reason to doubt that this Gospel was written by Matthew. It presents the narrative of our Lord’s life from the standpoint of the pious Jew; and the evident design of the writer is to show how completely and continually our Lord fulfilled the Old Testament Scriptures. No other Gospel contains so many quotations from the Law, the Prophets and the Psalms. In it the predominant aspect of our Lord’s character and work is the Messianic. He was great David’s Greater Son. The keyword of the book is “Behold your King.” As King, His line is traced through the kingly race. As King, He proclaims the kingdom of heaven. As King, He promulgates the laws, describes the subjects, and announces the rewards of the Kingdom. When describing His own action at the last, when He sits on His throne and all nations are gathered before Him, He speaks of Himself as King, Matthew 25:40 . It was on His avowal of kingship that He was condemned to die. From every viewpoint this Gospel is one of the most precious documents in the world.

e-Sword Note: The following material was presented at the end of Matthew in the printed edition

Review Questions on the Gospel according to Matthew


( a ) What are the main divisions of this Gospel?

( b ) In which divisions are the discourses and parables of Jesus recorded?


( c ) From what standpoint is this Gospel written?

( d ) What is the purpose of the writer?

( e ) How does it differ from the other Gospels?

( f ) What is its keyword?

Matthew 1-10

Each question applies to the paragraph of corresponding number in the Comments .

1. Why does this Gospel open with the genealogy of Jesus?

2. What message did the angel bring to Joseph?

3. How did the chief priests and scribes know where Christ should be born? Why did the Wise-Men disregard Herod’s command?

4. How does the coming and return of the Wise-Men illustrate divine providence?

5. On the death of Herod, where did Joseph and Mary make their home?

6. What work was John the Baptist sent to perform?

7. Why was Jesus baptized?

8. What was the meaning of each of the three temptations of Jesus?

9. What is meant by “the kingdom of heaven?”

10. Who were the first disciples?

11. How may the Beatitudes be classified?

12. What did Jesus declare His disciples to be?

13. What was Jesus’ relation to the Law and the Prophets?

14. How did Jesus enlarge the application of the Law?

15. What is the true motive for right living?

16. What is Jesus’ teaching regarding alms? Regarding prayer?

17. What is the condition of divine forgiveness?

18. How can we lay up treasures in heaven?

19. Why is anxiety about food and raiment wrong?

20. What cautions does Jesus give about judging others? What are the resources of a Christian?

21. How is our character revealed?

22. What was the effect of Jesus’ teaching upon the multitude?

23. What spiritual truths do Jesus’ miracles of cleansing and healing illustrate?

24. What did Jesus say of the centurion’s faith? How did Peter’s wife’s mother show gratitude to Jesus for her healing? What prophet foretold Christ’s healing ministry?

25. What did Jesus require of those who would be His disciples?

26. What miracle did Jesus perform in the country of the Gergesenes?

27. How did Jesus show His authority to forgive sins?

28. Whom did Jesus call to discipleship from the receipt of custom? With what question did some of the disciples of John the Baptist come to Jesus?

29. How did Jesus show His power over death in the home of Jairus?

30. To what agency did the Pharisees attribute Jesus’ power to work miracles? Why?

31. For what did Jesus tell His disciples to pray?

32. What instructions did they receive as they started out on their first missionary tour?

33. What warnings were given them?

34. What encouragement did Jesus afford them in the midst of persecution?

35. What supreme claim did Jesus make upon His disciples?

Matthew 11-21

Each question applies to the paragraph of corresponding number in the Comments .

36. On what errand did John the Baptist send some of the disciples to Jesus?

37. What did Jesus say of His forerunner?

38. Why did Jesus pronounce judgment upon Chorazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum? What wonderful promises follow these declarations of judgment?

39. How did Jesus defend His disciples when the Pharisees accused them of breaking the Sabbath?

40. Of what are the “bruised reed” and “smoking flax” types?

41. What did Jesus declare to be the unpardonable sin? What did he say about idle words?

42. What was Jesus’ reply to the sign-seeking Pharisees? What constitutes kinship to Jesus?

43. What are the leading facts in the parable of the sower?

44. What explanation did Jesus give of this parable?

45. What other parable about a grain field did Jesus tell? What was the parable about a mustard seed? leaven? In what respect are these parables alike?

46. How did Jesus explain the parable of the tares?

47. What other parables of the Kingdom did Jesus relate? What additional teaching do they contain?

48. Why were the townspeople of Jesus offended at Him?

49. What events led to the execution of John the Baptist?

50. What was Jesus’ purpose in miraculously feeding the multitude?

51. What impression did Jesus’ walking on the sea make upon the disciples?

52. How did the scribes and Pharisees make the command of God of none effect by their traditions?

53. What did Jesus teach about defilement?

54. What miracle of healing did Jesus perform in the coasts of Tyre and Sidon?

55. What differences are to be noted between the feeding of the four thousand, and the feeding of the five thousand?

56. How did Jesus answer those who sought a sign? What did he mean by the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees?

57. What is the rock on which Christ builds His Church?

58. What did Jesus lay down as the terms of discipleship?

59. Who appeared with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration? What proposal did Peter make?

60. What miracle followed immediately after the Transfiguration?

61. How did Jesus respond to the demand for the Temple tax?

62. Who is greatest in the kingdom of heaven? What sacrifices may well be made in seeking eternal life?

63. Whom did Jesus come to save? To whom is Jesus’ presence promised?

64. What does the parable of the debtors teach about forgiveness?

65. What did Christ teach about marriage, divorce and family life?

66. What did the rich young ruler lack?

67. What did Jesus teach about riches?

68. What is the teaching of the parable of the laborers in the vineyard?

69. What teaching was occasioned by the ambition of James and John?

70. What miracle did Christ perform when visiting Jericho? What prophecies were fulfilled by Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem?

71. Why did Jesus cast the traffickers out of the Temple?

72. Why did Jesus sentence the fig-tree to barrenness?

73. What was Jesus’ purpose in telling the parable of the two sons?

74. How did Jesus apply the Scripture about the stone rejected by the builders?

Matthew 22-28

Each question applies to the paragraph of corresponding number in the Comments.

75. What is the present-day application of the parable of the wedding feast?

76. How did the Pharisees attempt to make difficulty for Jesus with the question about tribute? How did he discomfit them?

77. How did Jesus show the Sadducees that the Pentateuch contains evidence of a future life?

78. How did Jesus answer the question of the Pharisees with regard to the great commandment of the Law? What question did he put to them in turn?

79. What did Jesus teach the disciples about greatness?

80. What indictments did Jesus bring against the Pharisees?

81. How did Jesus show His compassion for the city that rejected Him?

82. What signs did Jesus announce to His disciples as foreshadowing the fall of Jerusalem and the end of the world?

83. What special warning did he give them?

84. What did he teach with reference to His second coming?

85. Why did he urge watchfulness?

86. By what parable did he emphasize this duty?

87. What is the teaching of the parable of the talents?

88. What account did Christ give of the judgment of “the nations?”

89. What was Jesus’ promise regarding the woman who anointed Him in Bethany?

90. What agreement did Judas make with the chief priests? How was the purpose of Judas disclosed at the Passover?

91. What ordinance did Jesus institute on this Passover night? How did he rebuke the self-confidence of Peter?

92. What prayer did Jesus offer in the garden of Gethsemane?

93. How did Judas betray Jesus?

94. On what ground did the high priest declare Jesus worthy of death?

95. What led Peter to deny Jesus?

96. What did the chief priests do with the money that Judas gave back to them?

97. What effort did Pilate make to release Jesus?

98. What pretence of innocence did Pilate publicly make? How was Jesus treated by the soldiers to whom he was delivered?

99. How were the following concerned in the Crucifixion: Simon of Cyrene? the soldiers? the Jewish leaders? the thieves who were also crucified?

100. What notable miraculous events attended the crucifixion of Jesus?

101. By whom was the body of Jesus laid in the tomb?

102. Who were the first to learn of the Resurrection?

103. What dealings did the chief priests have with the soldiers who had guarded the tomb? What was the last commission which Jesus gave to His disciples?

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