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Bible Commentaries

F.B. Meyer's 'Through the Bible' CommentaryMeyer's Commentary

- Mark

by Frederick Brotherton Meyer

Outline of the Gospel according to Mark

“Declared to be the Son of God with Power”

I. The Beginning of the Gospel, Mark 1:1-13

1. John the Baptist Proclaims the Coming of One Mightier Than Himself , Mark 1:1-8

2. The Voice from Heaven Bears Witness to Jesus , Mark 1:9-11

3. Jesus Vanquishes the Tempter , Mark 1:12-13

II. Growing Authority and Growing Opposition, Mark 1:14-6

1. The Calling of the First Disciples , Mark 1:14-20

2. Miracles of Healing, and the Forgiveness of Sins , Mark 1:21-45 ; Mark 2:1-12

3. Opposition of the Scribes and Pharisees , Mark 2:13-28 ; Mark 3:1-6

III. The Abounding Ministry, Mark 3:7-26

(“I must work the work of Him that sent me, while it is day.”)

Teaching, healing, calling of the Twelve, parables, preaching, stilling the storm, raising the dead, feeding the multitudes, silencing the scribes and Pharisees

IV. The Last Journey to Jerusalem, Mark 8:27-52

1. The Preparation of the Disciples , Mark 8:27-38 ; Mark 9:1-50

Peter’s confession, the Transfiguration, healing of demoniac boy, who should be greatest?

2. Incidents by the Way , Mark 10:1-52

Questions of Pharisees about divorce, blessing the children, rich young ruler, ambition of James and John

V. In the City of the Great King, Mark 11:1-37

Triumphal entry, cleansing of the Temple, questions, parables, warnings, prophecies

VI. The Triumph of Submission, Mark 14:1-47

1. The Culmination of Enmity and of Friendship , Mark 14:1-11

2. The Last Supper and the Agony in the Garden , Mark 14:12-42

3. The Betrayal , Mark 14:43-52

4. The Jewish and Roman Trials , Mark 14:53-72 ; Mark 15:1-15

5. The Crucifixion and Burial , Mark 15:16-47

VII. Captivity Led Captive, Mark 16:1-20

1. The Visit of the Women to the Empty Tomb , Mark 16:1-11

2. The Walk to Emmaus , Mark 16:12-13

3. The Great Commission , Mark 16:14-20


That this Gospel is the briefest and earliest of the four needs no proof. It was written between a.d. 63 and 70, and was primarily intended for the Romans. It has always been ascribed to Peter as author, with Mark as acting amanuensis. This accounts for the graphic nature of the narrative and for the many touches which are especially characteristic of Peter. Papias tells us that Mark was “the interpreter of Peter.” It is usually believed that this Gospel was written in Rome, and we know that Mark is frequently referred to in the Epistles as associated with the Apostle’s life and work there, 2 Timothy 4:11 ; Philemon 1:24 ; 1 Peter 5:13 .

e-Sword Note: The following material was presented at the end of Mark in the printed edition

Review Questions on the Gospel according to Mark


( a ) What aspect of the ministry of Christ is set forth in the Gospel according to Mark?

( b ) How may the book be subdivided?

( c ) Mention some special incidents showing forth the power of Christ?


( d ) Where and between what dates was the Gospel according to Mark probably written?

( e ) What is believed to account for the graphic nature of the narrative?

Mark 1-16

Each question applies to the paragraph of corresponding number in the Comments .

1. What man was sent of God to prepare the way for Christ?

2. What word may be taken as the keynote of this Gospel?

3. What two miracles show that Jesus is both able and willing to forgive sin?

4. For whom did God make the Sabbath?

5. What teaching is contained in the parable of the sower?

6. What resemblance is found between the kingdom of God and the mustard seed?

7. What incident reveals the power of Jesus over unclean spirits?

8. Which of the disciples witnessed the raising of Jairus’ little daughter? What miracle of healing took place on the way to the ruler’s house?

9. Who did King Herod think Jesus must be? Why did this thought make Herod afraid?

10. What were the circumstances leading to the murder of John the Baptist?

11. What encouragement is given “the little talent” in the feeding of the five thousand?

12. Where must cleansing from sin begin?

13. To what particular people was Jesus’ earthly mission? What miracle did he perform for a Gentile?

14. What differences may be noted in the feeding of the four thousand and that of the five thousand?

15. In what way does the healing of this blind man differ from other miracles of Jesus?

16. Which of the disciples were privileged to witness the Transfiguration? Who talked with Jesus?

17. What sermon did Jesus preach with a little child as His text?

18. What is the teaching of Jesus concerning marriage? Why should children be encouraged to come to Jesus?

19. What is the teaching of Jesus regarding the love of riches? regarding true greatness?

20. What was the manner of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem?

21. What are the conditions of successful prayer?

22. What was the view of the Sadducees concerning the resurrection of the body? How did they seek to entrap Jesus? What was His answer?

23. What summary of the Ten Commandments is given by Jesus?

24. What warnings of coming tribulation did Jesus utter?

25. What great event would follow? What should be the attitude of the Christian?

26. What beautiful incident took place in the house of Simon the leper? What did Jesus say of this act of love?

27. How and when was instituted the Lord’s Supper?

28. What friends did Jesus wish near Him in His agony in the garden? How did He excuse their failing to watch with Him?

29. Which only of the high priest’s questions did Jesus answer?

30. What person helped Jesus carry His cross?

31. What were the mocking words of the chief priests? What glorious truth did they unintentionally convey?

32. By whom was the Resurrection announced? To what women? What special message were they to bear?

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