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2 Kings 11

Gaebelein's Annotated BibleGaebelein's Annotated

Verses 1-21

3. Athaliah and Jehoiada’s Revival


1. Athaliah’s wicked reign (2 Kings 11:1-3 ; 2 Chronicles 22:10-12 )

2. Joash (Jehoash) proclaimed king (2 Kings 11:4-12 ; 2 Chronicles 23:1-11 )

3. The death of Athaliah (2 Kings 11:13-16 ; 2 Chronicles 23:12-15 )

4. Jehoiada’s revival (2 Kings 11:17-21 ; 2 Chronicles 23:16-21 )

Athaliah, the wicked daughter of a wicked pair (Ahab and Jezebel), the widow of Joram, King of Judah, Jehoshaphat’s son and the mother of Ahaziah, who had been slain by Jehu, destroyed the seed royal. She did so because she wanted the authority herself. It was an awful deed, inspired by him who is the murderer from the beginning. And Satan aimed through her at something of which his instrument was ignorant. It was one of the many attempts Satan made to exterminate the male offspring to make the coming One, the promised saviour, the seed of the woman, impossible. Had he succeeded through Athaliah in the destruction of the royal seed of David, the promise made to David would have become impossible. Notice the first little word in the second verse, “But.” Satan’s attempt failed. The watchful eye of Jehovah and His power frustrated it all. A wicked woman killed her own children and a godly woman was used to keep one of the royal seed alive.

Jehosheba (“the LORD’s oath” is the meaning of her name), through whom the covenant-oath was sustained, was the wife of Jehoiada (meaning “the LORD knows”), the high-priest (2 Chronicles 22:11 ); he was brother-in-law to Ahaziah (2 Chronicles 22:11 ) and Jehosheba was probably a half sister of Ahaziah. She took the young child from among the King’s sons and hid him first in the bed-chamber and then in the house of the LORD till the seventh year. Well may we see here a most beautiful type of our Lord Jesus Christ. Like Joash He was doomed to death, yea, He died. But He was raised from the dead and is now hidden in the house of God above, the heavens having received Him. Joash, the heir of the throne of David, was hidden till the seventh year even as the true heir to the throne of David is now hidden in the presence of God till the six years (six the number of man’s day, the present age) are passed. And when the seventh year comes--the beginning of the coming age, He will be brought forth as Joash was brought from his hiding place and be crowned king.

A remnant selected by Jehoiada saw the king first. It is a great scene this chapter describes. The company brought together, armed with King David’s shields and spears, the king’s son brought into the midst, Jehoiada putting the crown upon his head, anointing him with oil, they clapped with their hands and shouted “God save the King.” Greater will be the scene when He will be crowned King of Kings, whose right it is to reign. Athaliah, the usurper, appears on the scene, attracted by the noise. She is face to face with the crowned king and receives now her well-deserved punishment outside of the house of the LORD. A great revival followed. A covenant was made by Jehoiada between the LORD and the king and people “that they should be the LORD’s people.” Baal’s altars and images are broken. The king sits upon his throne. All the people of the land rejoiced and there was peace. All these blessed results are faint foreshadowings of what is yet to be when the usurper is cast out, when the true King is crowned. Then Israel will be in truth the LORD’s people, idolatry will cease, the land and the people will rejoice and the city be quiet.

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