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Bible Commentaries

Arno Gaebelein's Annotated Bible

Isaiah 10

Verses 1-34


The Assyrian, His invasion of Immanuel’s land, and His end

1. The first four verses belong to the preceding chapter. A description of the Assyrian enemy (Isaiah 10:5-11 ) 2. The overthrow of his army announced (Isaiah 10:12-15 ) 3. The punishment (Isaiah 10:16-19 ) 4. The return of the remnant (Isaiah 10:20-23 ) 5. The faithful remnant comforted (Isaiah 10:24-27 ) 6. The Assyrians march against Jerusalem (Isaiah 10:28-32 ) 7. Jehovah’s intervention (Isaiah 10:33-34 ) This is an interesting and important chapter. The Assyrian enemy was used by God to punish his people. In chapters 7 and 8 his coming was announced. In this chapter we read a fuller description of this great troubler and how he invaded the land of Israel. God addresses him as the rod He uses in anger against His people. While all this had a past fulfillment a similar invasion of the land of Palestine will be enacted before the times of the Gentiles close and the King of Kings appears. The Assyrian of the end time comes from the North; therefore he is called in Daniel’s prophecy “the King of the North.” Antiochus Epiphanes is a type of this final outward foe of Israel. Study carefully with this chapter Isaiah 14:24-25 ; Isaiah 30:31-33 ; Micah 5:1-15 ; Daniel 8:23-27 ; Daniel 11:40-45 ; Psalms 74:1-23 ; Psalms 89:1-52 . Jehovah shall suddenly make an end of him. Isaiah 10:33-34 compare with Daniel 11:45 .

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