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Ruth 3

Gaebelein's Annotated BibleGaebelein's Annotated

Verses 1-18

CHAPTER 3 At the Feet of Boaz

1. Naomi instructs Ruth (Ruth 3:1-5 )

2. At his feet (Ruth 3:6-7 )

3. The discovery (Ruth 3:8-13 )

4. The six measures of barley (Ruth 3:14-17 )

5. He will not rest until he have finished the thing (Ruth 3:18 )

What follows in the realization of redemption must be connected with Leviticus 25:0 , the law concerning the redemption of an inheritance and the other law about the marriage of a brother-in-law as given in Deuteronomy 25:5-12 . See the annotations on that passage. Naomi gives instructions to Ruth which are based upon that law. But notice it is the question of the rest. “My daughter, shall not I seek rest for thee, that it may be well with thee?” She then is seen resting at his feet. Blessed truth indeed which even Naomi realizes, rest can only be found at the feet of the redeemer. This truth is known to all His beloved people. He promises rest and He giveth rest. Like Mary it is the good part for us to be at His feet.

But what is Boaz’s occupation when Ruth seeks him to claim her full blessing? “Behold he winnoweth barley tonight in the threshing floor.” The winnowing is a sifting process by which the wheat is separated from the chaff. Read Matthew 3:12 . The threshing floor is Israel. The dark night of tribulation is coming for them, when the mighty One will do the work of separating among His people. “His fan is in His hand.” In that coming night the believing remnant will seek, like Ruth, the place at His feet and claim Him as their own redeemer. Critics and unbelievers have often sneered at this scene and suggested evil motives. They do the same with other portions of the Word of God. Only an evil mind can read evil into this beautiful scene. It was at midnight when Boaz became conscious of her presence and asked, “Who art thou?” She answered, “I am Ruth.” She owns all she is and prays that he may cover her, “for thou art a redeemer.” Notice the steps. His question--her answer and prayer because she believed in him as the kinsman redeemer.

She tarried there during the night. “And she lay at his feet till the morning.” Then she left not empty handed!

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