Bible Commentaries

1 Kings 7

Verses 1-51

Taking advantage of the treaty with Hiram, Solomon also built a house for himself, the house of the forest of Lebanon, a description of which is given in the commencement of this chapter.

It is surely significant that the chronicler says concerning the Temple, "So he was seven years in building It”; and then, 'And Solomon was building his own house thirteen years." Comment is hardly necessary, save, perhaps, to remind ourselves that however strong our zeal may be for the Ark of God, if the time and possessions devoted to our own comfort be greater than those devoted to the service of God, it is sure proof that the master passion is self-centered rather than God-centered.

The remainder of the chapter is occupied with a detailed description of the furniture of the Temple. An examination of this shows that essentially it is the same as the furniture of the Tabernacle, but that it is characterized by greater material magnificence and by durability.