Bible Commentaries

Acts 23

Verses 1-35

By action of the Roman governor, Paul was arraigned before the Jewish Sanhedrin. Hardly had he commenced before he was interrupted and insulted. It was a most trying ordeal for the apostle. It is easily conceivable that he would be dejected in the loneliness of the following night. It was then that the Lord stood by him and said, "Be of good cheer," and assured him that in spite of all opposition he would bear witness also at Rome.

So fierce, however, was the opposition to the apostle that certain men vowed to destroy him. Again God overruled and made the fact known to Paul, through his nephew, as the result of which Paul took action which led to his protection and deliverance. Under Roman escort he reached Caesarea, and was presented to the governor, who placed him under guard until his enemies arrived.