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Job 38

Morgan's Exposition on the Whole BibleMorgan's Exposition

Verses 1-41

Here begins the third movement in the great drama, that which deals with the controversy between Jehovah and Job. Out of the midst of the whirlwind the divine voice speaks. Its first word is a challenge to Elihu. The challenge must be carefully considered. It does not charge Elihu with false interpretation, but with darkening counsel by the use of words which he himself did not perfectly understand. As we have said, his theme is too great for him, and God now deals with it. His method is to unveil His own glory in certain aspects before the understanding of His child. God first speaks of the simplest facts of the material universe, which are sublime beyond the comprehension of man. The first movement has to do with the material universe. Throughout, Jehovah claims that all is of Himself, and that He is interested in all, and suggests Job's ignorance to him. The earth itself is dealt with ( Job 38:4-7 ), and the sea also ( Job 38:8-11 ), daybreak in its effect on nature and on man ( Job 38:12-15 ), the underlying mysteries of the deep ( Job 38:16-18 ).

Continuing the same line, Jehovah proceeds to speak of the heavens: the first, or atmospheric ( Job 38:19-30 ); and the second, or stellar ( Job 38:31-32 ). In dealing with the first, illustrations of the things which men may observe and cannot explain are suggested: the way of light and darkness, the mysteries of snow and hail, the majesty and sweep of the storm, the origin and method of rain, dew, ice, frost. Similarly, illustrations from the stellar spaces, the chain of the Pleiades, the bands of Orion, the signs of the Zodiac, the going of the Bear. All the while God is suggesting His own knowledge and interest, and the perfect ease of His stupendous activity. The ordinances of the heavens, their influences on earth, the bringing of rains, and the sending forth of lightnings; if man can perchance do any of these things, who then put wisdom in him, or gave him understanding?

Still the unveiling of the divine glory proceeds, but now in its application to the things of life: the feeding of the lioness and the young lions, the fact that the cry of a young raven is prayer in His ears, which He answers with food.

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