Bible Commentaries

Proverbs 19

Verses 1-29

Verse Proverbs 19:7. This is the only case in this first collection of proverbs in which we find three clauses. It is certainly most likely that the third clause is incomplete. Something has been lost. If this be not so, then the proverb which sets forth the extremely pitiable condition of the poor ends by declaring that to him the promises of friends are not fulfilled.

Verse Proverbs 19:16. Here "he that is careless of his ways" simply means, of course, "he that keepeth not the commandment."

Verse Proverbs 19:21. This is a perfectly self evident assertion, but, as such, important as to warrant a pause in reading it. The one thing in the heart that may be depended upon is the counsel or guidance of Jehovah.

Verse Proverbs 19:24. Is it possible to find anywhere a more graphic or sarcastic description of absolute laziness?

Verse Proverbs 19:27. The meaning here is that it is better not to learn than to learn to refuse to obey.