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3 John 1

Godbey's Commentary on the New TestamentGodbey's NT Commentary

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Verses 1-8

1. Gaius was eminent for hospitality and other Christian graces.

2. John prays for the temporal prosperity of Gaius, harmoniously with the spiritual.

3. Brethren peregrinating have brought good news relative to Gaius, in which John rejoices.

4. Gaius and others to whom he writes are his spiritual children.

5. Divine love does not discriminate, but extends its benefactions to strangers.

6. Gaius has lodged and blessed strangers and sent them on their way rejoicing.

7. At this time Gentile converts were multiplying rapidly, which John appreciates, commending them to all of the churches.

Verses 9-14



9. The Holy Ghost is the only legitimate Ruler of God’s Church. Of course He uses such human instrumentalities as He can manage in harmony with the will of God. When unspiritual men get control they soon turn it over to Satan. Diotrephes is an example of ecclesiastical tyranny, which in the fallen Church always becomes the normal procedure.

10. The Holy Ghost ruled the Church through John and other holy people. The carnal administration of Diotrephes has characterized the worldly church in all ages, casting out and often killing the good and promoting the unspiritual, filling the world with ecclesiastical leprosy, developing in atrocious expulsions and decapitations of God’s most efficient preachers and truest saints. Lift up your head, turn whithersoever you will, behold Diotrephes in all denominations, refusing to receive the brethren, prohibiting them that want to receive them, and casting the brethren out of the church.

11, 12. We are to do right regardless of all the persecutions Diotrephes and Satan can inflict on us. Demetrius is commended as a true saint in contrast with Diotrephes, the tyrant.

13-15. The apostle and patriarch sends friendly greeting to all his friends, with the hope of meeting them.

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