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Bible Commentaries

Everett's Study Notes on the Holy Scriptures

Isaiah 41

Verses 1-29

The Revelation of God as Creator - In Isaiah 40:12 to Isaiah 41:29 God challenges backslidden Israel to produce her reasons for trusting in idols (Isaiah 41:21) while revealing Himself as the Creator of all things. God establishes His omnipotence and omniscience through irrefutable testimony cited in this section of Isaiah as the Creator of the universe. Thus, He is able to bring to pass anything He declares.

We find a similar passage of Scripture in Job 38:1 to Job 41:34 where God challenges Job to produce his reasons for trusting in his own righteousness. In a similar manner God reveals to Job his frailty and weakness in the midst of His majestic creation that reveals Him as the divine creator of all things.

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