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Everett's Study Notes on the Holy Scriptures

Numbers 3

Verses 1-39

The Tribe of Levi Numbers 3:1-39 records the census of the tribe of Levi. There were three sons of Levi, which gave them three priestly groups. The Levites were counted from one month old and up. There were a total of 22,300 Levites counted in this census.

The Gershonites (Numbers 3:21-26) - 7,500 males

The Kohahites (Numbers 3:27-32) - 8,600 males

The Merari (Numbers 3:33-38) - 6,200 males

Verses 40-51

The Census of the First-Born Males of Israel - The number of the first-born males of all the tribes of Israel from one month old and up were 22,273. This was almost the exact number of Levites also.

Merari N Gershonites W The Tabernacle of Testimony E Moses, Aaron & sons S Kohathites

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