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Bible Commentaries
1 Chronicles 20

Haydock's Catholic Bible CommentaryHaydock's Catholic Commentary

Verse 1

Year. Hebrew, "at the return of the year," in spring. (Calmet)

Verse 2

Melchom. Septuagint add the explanation, "their king." It may also be referred to the idol of Ammon. (Haydock) --- The massy crown was suspended over David’s head. (Tirinus) (Du Hamel)

Verse 3

Harrows. Hebrew, "cut them with saws, and with harrows; (Haydock) or, rollers of iron, and with saws." But some other term was probably used, as we find saws before. (Calmet) --- Protestants have "axes." This exemplary punishment was in consequence of the violation of the law of nations. Abulensis pronounced it lawful. Tirinus accuses David of a grievous sin of cruelty; observing that he was at this time involved in the sin of adultery: and people easily fall from one abyss into another. Cruelty and lust often go together. Yet it seems best to suspend our judgment. (Haydock) --- David might only treat the most guilty in this manner. (Du Hamel)

Verse 4

Gazer, which seems preferable to Gob, 2 Kings xxi. 18.

Verse 5

Adeodatus. Hebrew, "Elchanan, the son of Jair, of Lehem;" or, "slew Lechemi, brother of Goliath;" or equal to him in strength. (Calmet) --- Brother is here supplied, as it is wanting, 2 Kings. (Du Hamel)

Verse 7

Rapha, head of the giants of Palestine. (Calmet)

Verse 19


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