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Bible Commentaries

Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary

2 Chronicles 27

Verse 2

Lord. Like Ozias, to offer incense. He was content with the royal dignity, without arrogating to himself that of the priests. C. --- Transgressed. Heb. "acted corruptly," on the heights, 4 K. xv. 35. H.

Verse 3

Gate, on the east, repairing (T.) and beautifying it so, (H.) that Jeremias (xxvi. 10,) calls it New. T. --- Ophel, on the walls of the city, (C.) towards the eastern porch of the temple. Josephus) S. Jerom in Isaias xxxii. 14. --- Here the Nathineans dwelt, 2 Esdras iii. 26. C. --- Kimchi, &c. translate, "a citadel." T.

Verse 5

Measures, ( coros. ) Heb. corim, also, (H.) means an "ass;" as this burden was sufficient for one, being equivalent to 30 Romans bushels. Cornelius a Lapide) M. --- Give him. Sept. adds, "These things did the king of Ammon bring to him every year, in the first year, and in the second, and the third." H. --- After paying tribute three years, the Ammonites revolted, and were subdued by Joatham, as they had been by his father, C. xxvi. 7.

Verse 7

Wars, with Rasin and Phacee, 4 K. xv. 37. --- Juda. What concerned both kingdoms was carefully preserved; and Esdras informs us from what records he composed this work. C.

Verse 23


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