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Bible Commentaries
Amos 2

Haydock's Catholic Bible CommentaryHaydock's Catholic Commentary

Verse 1

Ashes. Some think that he alludes to 4 Kings iii. 27., or rather to some war, the ashes of the dead were disturbed. (Calmet) --- Both these acts of inhumanity deserved severe punishment. (Worthington)

Verse 2

Fire: war under Ozias. (Calmet) --- Carioth. Septuagint, "the cities." Carioth has this meaning, but is was also the name of a great city, Jeremias xlviii. 24. (Haydock)

Verse 3

Judge, ruler, or head, shall be no more.

Verse 4

Walked. After Solomon, scarcely a good prince appeared, till the days of Amos. Juda imitated the idolatry of Israel, hoping thus to find assistance. (Calmet) --- His crime was the more grievous, as they had the law. (Worthington)

Verse 5

Fire. Under Joathan, Rasin, &c., invaded the country. Achaz increased the misery, by applying to the Assyrians. (Calmet)

Verse 6

Just man. Joseph, (Rupert) or our Saviour, (Sanctius) or any other. The expression is proverbial, Ezechiel xiii. 19. (Calmet) --- Israel contemned the law, and adopted the abominations of all. (Worthington)

Verse 7

Humble, provoking him to anger. --- Name. Such incests caused infidels to blaspheme, Leviticus xviii. 8. (Calmet) --- They must be punished with severity. (Worthington)

Verse 8

Altar. Herein they offended doubly, (Exodus xxii. 26.) as they used the garments of others to hide their shameful actions, 4 Kings xxiii. 7. (Calmet) --- Septuagint, "and tying up their garments with cords, they made veils touching the altar, and drank wine procured by calumnies," (Haydock) or "rapine," &c. (Chaldean) --- Condemned by them unjustly, though some think that a very delicious and intoxicating wine is meant, such as was given to people in grief, Proverbs xxxi. 6., and Mark xv. 23. Helena learnt in Egypt how to compose such wine. (Homer, Odyssey iv.) --- Feasting in temples on carpets was an ancient custom.

Verse 9

Beneath. The Israelites seemed like locusts in comparison, Numbers xiii. 34.

Verse 11

Nazarites. Some went secretly to Jerusalem for this purpose; or perhaps they performed these rites illegally at Bethel: for many parts of the law were observed, though not perfectly, chap iv. 4. The Nazarites were in high estimation, Lamentations iv. 7. But the dissolute Israelites (Calmet) derided them as well as the prophets, (Haydock) and attempted to make them transgress. (Calmet)

Verse 13

I will screek. Unable to bear any longer the enormous load of your sins, &c. The Spirit of God, as St. Jerome takes notice, accommodates itself to the education of the prophet, and inspires him with encouragements taken from country affairs. (Challoner) --- Septuagint, "I am overturned." Hebrew, "pressed." (Calmet)

Verse 14

Swift. Jeroboam I. Other kings are described afterwards. (St. Jerome) --- In the latter times all was in confusion. (Calmet)

Verse 15


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