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Bible Commentaries

Smith's Writings

Psalms 136

Verses 1-26


Restored Israel acknowledges that all Jehovah's ways with His people are marked by loving-kindness.

This psalm presents the response of Israel to the call to praise of the previous psalm. The first half of each verse presents the theme of praise; the second half the refrain of praise, “For His loving-kindness endureth for ever.” Every stage of Israel's history is recounted to make manifest that throughout their checkered history the loving-kindness of the Lord had endured.

(vv. 1-3) The opening verses present the goodness of Jehovah, the unchangeable God, the One who is supreme above all that rule in the heavens, or that exercise dominion on earth - the God of gods and the Lord of lords.

(vv. 4-9) The verses that follow present the wonders of God, as well as His infinite wisdom in creation according to the order of the second, third, and fourth day's work as presented in Genesis 1 .

(vv. 10-15) Verses 10 to 15 present the way God has wrought on behalf of His people in delivering them from Egypt.

(v. 16) The following verse sets forth the mercy that brought the people through the wilderness.

(vv. 17-22) Following the wilderness journey, the mercy of the Lord is set forth in destroying every opposing force and bringing His people into their heritage.

(vv. 23-24) Finally, when His people, through their folly, had fallen into a low state, the Lord remembers them and delivers them from all their enemies.

(vv. 25-26) The restoration of Israel brings blessing to all flesh, who are called upon to give thanks to the God of heaven.

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Smith, Hamilton. "Commentary on Psalms 136". "Smith's Writings". 1832.