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Bible Commentaries

Smith's Writings

Psalms 15

Verses 1-5


The character of the preserved remnant of the Jews, who will share in the blessings of Jehovah's dwelling, and Jehovah's government - the “tabernacle” and the “hill” - when the Lord shall reign from Zion.

(v. 1) The question is raised, who will be preserved through the persecutions and sufferings of the reign of Antichrist to enjoy the millennial blessings that will flow from the tabernacle and the holy hill of Zion? The psalm answers this question by presenting the moral features of the godly.

(v. 2) First his personal character is presented. He is marked by upright walk, righteous acts, and pure speech.

(v. 3) Secondly, his relation to his neighbours. He does not slander with his tongue; he does no evil to his companion; he refuses to “take up” a reproach against his neighbour. “Take up” has the sense of “adopting” the reproach in order to propagate it.

(vv. 4-5) Thirdly, his attitude towards evil men. A depraved person, whatever his position or natural abilities, is condemned.

Fourthly, his attitude towards the godly. Those that fear the Lord he honours, whatever their social position.

Fifthly, his attitude towards the world. In his business relations he will not go back on his word, and refuses usury and corruption.

The one that bears this character will never be moved. He will, according to the first verse, “abide” in God's tabernacle, and “dwell” in God's holy hill.

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Smith, Hamilton. "Commentary on Psalms 15". "Smith's Writings". 1832.