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Mark 8

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Verse 1


Not long afterward. While Christ was in the territory of the Ten Towns. This is different from the feeding of the Five Thousand (Mark 6:32-44). For notes on the feeding of the Four Thousand, see Matthew 14:13-21. [In Mark 8:19-20 Jesus mentions both incidents.]

Verse 10


Went to the district of Dalmanutha. Matthew says “Magadan” [or Magdala]. Neither place now exists, but they are thought to have been near each other on the western shore of Lake Galilee. Some think they are different names for the same place, which was common at that time.

Verses 11-13

11–13. Some Pharisees came to Jesus. See notes on Matthew 16:1-4.

Verses 14-21


The disciples had forgotten to bring any extra bread. On the lesson which Jesus teaches here, see notes on Matthew 16:5-12. Matthew says “Sadducees” instead of “Herod,” Herod was himself a Sadducee, and Sadducees made up the political “Party of Herod.”

Verse 22


They came to Bethsaida. On the eastern bank of the Jordan, near where it flows into Lake Galilee. Only Mark tells of this miracle. Some people brought a blind man to Jesus. This man had not been born blind, since he had seen both people and trees (Mark 8:24). They brought him either because he could not find the way; or because he did not have the faith to want to come. The friends did have faith.

Verse 23


And led him out of the village. Jesus had done this with the deaf man (that is, taken him out of the crowd) Mark 7:33. After spitting on the man’s eyes. Johnson believes this action was done to develop faith in the man, since Jesus usually demanded faith in the one whom he healed.

Verse 24


The man looked up and said. He was sure these were men, yet they seemed to him as large as trees.

Verse 25


Jesus again placed his hands. Johnson considers this to be the only example of progressive healing. If so, it is also an example of progressive faith, and the Lord healed him progressively to save as well as heal. It can also be explained by viewing two healings: the first for the eyes; and the second for the “perception” since the man had been blind some time.

Verse 26


Jesus then sent him home. He must not have lived in Bethsaida, since he was told not to go back into the village. Jesus did not try to gain honor for himself (see Mark 7:36).

Verses 27-30


To the villages of Caesarea Philippi. For notes on Peter’s Declaration about Jesus, see Matthew 16:13-20. Caesarea Philippi was near Mount Hermon in north-east Palestine. Herod Phillip rebuilt this town and called it “Caesarea Philippi” to honor himself. Many Gentiles lived there, and it was a center of “emperor worship.”

Verses 31-38


Then Jesus began to teach his disciples. Jesus would accomplish God’s purpose by his suffering and death (Luke 9:31; Hebrews 2:14-17). See notes on Matthew 16:21-28. If, then, a man is ashamed of me.

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