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Sunday, December 10th, 2023
the Second Week of Advent
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Bible Commentaries

Brown's Commentary on Selected Book of the BibleBrown's Commentary

- Nehemiah

by John Brown

John Brown

The Book of Nehemiah: Contents

Table of Contents

Neh_1:1-11 : Recognizing the Need

Neh_2:1-10 : Preparation and Equipment

Neh_2:11-20 : Facing the Challenge

Nehemiah 3: Starting Point

Neh_4:1-9 : Overcoming the Opposition

Neh_4:10 : Removing the Rubish

Neh_4:11-23 : Fighting and Building

Nehemiah 5: Liberty or Bondage?

Neh_6:1-19 : Open Warfare

Nehemiah 7-8: The Joy of the Lord

Nehemiah 9-10: Revival

Nehemiah 10-13: It's Not How You Start

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