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Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible

Psalms 32



:-. Maschil—literally, "giving instruction." The Psalmist describes the blessings of His forgiveness, succeeding the pains of conviction, and deduces from his own experience instruction and exhortation to others.

Verse 1

1, 2. (Compare :-).

forgiven—literally, "taken away," opposed to retain ( :-).

covered—so that God no longer regards the sin (Psalms 85:3).

Verse 2

2. imputeth—charge to him, and treat him accordingly.

no guile—or, deceit, no false estimate of himself, nor insincerity before God (compare :-).

Verse 3

3, 4. A vivid description of felt, but unacknowledged, sin.

When—literally, "for," as in Psalms 32:4.

Verse 4

4. thy hand—of God, or power in distressing him (Psalms 38:2).

moisture—vital juices of the body, the parching heat of which expresses the anguish of the soul. On the other figures, compare Psalms 6:2; Psalms 6:7; Psalms 31:9-11. If composed on the occasion of the Psalms 31:9-19.31.11- :, this distress may have been protracted for several months.

Verse 5

5. A prompt fulfilment of the purposed confession is followed by a prompt forgiveness.

Verse 6

6. For this—that is, my happy experience.

godly—pious in the sense of Psalms 4:3.

a time— (Psalms 4:3- :); when God's Spirit inclines us to seek pardon, He is ready to forgive.

floods, c.—denotes great danger (Psalms 18:17 Psalms 66:12).

Verse 7

7. His experience illustrates the statement of Psalms 32:6.

Verse 8

8. Whether, as most likely, the language of David (compare :-), or that of God, this is a promise of divine guidance.

I will . . . mine eye—or, My eye shall be on thee, watching and directing thy way.

Verse 9

9. The latter clause, more literally, "in that they come not near thee"; that is, because they will not come, &c., unless forced by bit and bridle.

Verse 10

10. The sorrows of the impenitent contrasted with the peace and safety secured by God's mercy.

Verse 11

11. The righteous and upright, or those conforming to the divine teaching for securing the divine blessing, may well rejoice with shouting.

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Jamieson, Robert, D.D.; Fausset, A. R.; Brown, David. "Commentary on Psalms 32". "Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible". 1871-8.