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Psalms 46

Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole BibleCommentary Critical



:-. Upon Alamoth—most probably denotes the treble, or part sung by female voices, the word meaning "virgins"; and which was sung with some appropriately keyed instrument (compare 1 Chronicles 15:19-21; see on Psalms 6:1, title). The theme may be stated in LUTHER'S well-known words, "A mighty fortress is our God." The great deliverance (2 Kings 19:35; Isaiah 37:36) may have occasioned its composition.

Verse 1

1. refuge—literally, "a place of trust" (Psalms 2:12).

strength— (Psalms 2:12- :).

present help—literally, "a help He has been found exceedingly."

trouble—as in Psalms 2:12- :.

Verse 2

2, 3. The most violent civil commotions are illustrated by the greatest physical commotions.

Verse 3

3. swelling—well represents the pride and haughtiness of insolent foes.

Verse 4

4. God's favor is denoted by a river (compare Psalms 36:8; Zechariah 14:8; Revelation 22:1).

city of God, the holy place—His earthly residence, Jerusalem and the temple (compare Psalms 2:6; Psalms 3:4; Psalms 20:2; Psalms 48:2, &c.). God's favor, like a river whose waters are conducted in channels, is distributed to all parts of His Church.

most High—denoting His supremacy (Psalms 17:2).

Verse 5

5. right early—literally, "at the turn of morning," or change from night to day, a critical time (Psalms 30:5; compare Psalms 30:5- :).

Verse 6

6. (Compare :-).

earth melted—all powers dissolved by His mere word (Psalms 75:3; Hosea 2:22).

Verse 7

7. with us—on our side; His presence is terror to our enemies, safety to us.

refuge—high place ( :-; compare also Psalms 24:6; Psalms 24:10).

Verse 8

8. what desolations—literally, "who hath put desolations," destroying our enemies.

Verse 9

9. The usual weapons of war (Psalms 7:12), as well as those using them, are brought to an end.

Verse 10

10. Be still, c.—literally, "Leave off to oppose Me and vex My people. I am over all for their safety." (Compare Isaiah 2:11 Ephesians 1:22).

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