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Bible Commentaries

Parker's The People's Bible

1 John

- 1 John

by Joseph Parker

1 John

(Towards the close of the first century, or a.d. 68)

[Note, "This sacred writing, though called an Epistle, has more of the character of a discourse on the doctrines and duties of Christianity. It appears to have been addressed to believers generally, especially to Gentiles and residents in Asia Minor, among whom John himself had laboured ( 1Jn 2:7 ; 1 John 2:12-62.2.14 , 1Jn 2:20-27 ). The writer has not deemed it necessary to prefix his name; but its remarkable similarity, both in matter and expressions, to the other writings of the Apostle John, confirms the testimony of the early Christians, and affords satisfactory evidence that he was its author. It was certainly written by an eye-witness of the person and labours of our Lord (1 John 1:1-62.1.4 ; 1Jn 4:14 ). It is commonly supposed to have been written from Ephesus, but at what precise date is uncertain; a late date is highly probable from the errors which are here condemned.

"The general character of this Epistle probably gave occasion to the opinion early entertained that John was of a peculiarly affectionate disposition; and this opinion seems just. Yet none has spoken of false doctrine more sharply. The gentlest Christian may be a son of thunder ( Luk 3:13-19 ) when Christ's honour is at stake, and charity may be exercised in denouncing sin as well as in loving the brethren.

"The truth most largely insisted upon in this Epistle is the necessity of holiness, as the evidence and fruit of faith." Angus's Bible Handbook.]