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Bible Commentaries

The People's Bible

2 Peter

- 2 Peter

by Joseph Parker

2 Peter

(a.d. 64 OR 65)

[Note. As to the contents of the Epistle, Smith's Dictionary of the Bible says: "The customary opening salutation is followed by an enumeration of Christian blessings and exhortation to Christian duties, with special reference to the maintenance of the truth which had been already communicated to the Church ( 2Pe 1:1-13 ). Referring then to his approaching death, the Apostle assigns as grounds of assurance for believers his own personal testimony as eye-witness of the transfiguration, and the sure word of prophecy, that is the testimony of the Holy Ghost ( 2Pe 1:14-21 ). The danger of being misled by false prophets is dwelt upon with great earnestness throughout the second chapter, their covetousness and gross sensuality, combined with pretences to spiritualism; in short, all the permanent and fundamental characteristics of Antinomianism are described, while the overthrow of all opponents of Christian truth is predicted ( 2Pe 2:1-22 ), in connexion with prophecies touching the second advent of Christ, the destruction of the world by fire, and the promise of new heavens and a new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness. After an exhortation to attend to St. Paul's teaching, in accordance with the less explicit admonition in the previous Epistle, and an emphatic warning, the Epistle closes with the customary ascription of glory to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."]