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1 Chronicles 29

Sutcliffe's Commentary on the Old and New TestamentsSutcliffe's Commentary

Verses 1-30

1 Chronicles 29:2 . Marble. The LXX read Parian marble; that is, marble from the isle of Paros, or white marble. They knew this by documents of authority.

1 Chronicles 29:29 . The book of Samuel. See the arguments to the books of Samuel, and of Kings. Each prophet wrote a book; but it is very probable, as some affirm, that Nathan and Gad in succession completed the books of Samuel. The rabbins deeply lament the loss of their sacred book.


David having delivered to Solomon, in presence of the elders, the pattern of the temple, proceeds next to open his hand towards the glorious work, and with a munificence which showed that heaven had not heaped favours on a heart unworthy of its grace. David had not only conquered abroad, and regulated the empire at home, but he had traded on a small scale to Ophir. And now he gave, besides the sum mentioned in 1 Chronicles 22:14, about seventeen millions sterling! A good work mostly succeeds well when men set about it with good hearts.

The high and liberal example of the king had a fine effect on the princes. They saw the drawings of the temple, the glory it would be to their country; and suffering every private passion to yield to the public good, they gave in gold and silver about twenty seven millions of our money, besides iron and brass, and precious stones. And that is a most acceptable oblation when we give our gold to the Lord, and our heart at the same time.

We see farther, that all temporal aids extended to the cause of God should be done in the genuine spirit of faith and piety. David, seeing his people acquiesce in his wishes, broke forth in a most fervent doxology, which discovers every sentiment becoming a heart so highly favoured with the bounty of providence. That is the way, and the only way, for our work to succeed, and to be crowned with immortal lustre.

The king and the people in this convocation, having made religion their first concern, proceeded next to the second coronation of Solomon, for his consecration on Adonijah’s rivalship had been done in haste. David, worn out with age, and more so with the fatigues of war, had now a day of joy. He saw his wise and hopeful son wearing the crown, and seated on his right hand. He saw all the princes of the royal family salute him, and all the elders do the same. The cup of blessings overflowed, the whole nation rejoiced with exceeding joy, and hoped for greater prosperity under the son than under the illustrious sire. All Jerusalem, resounding with trumpets and shouts, hailed the ascension of their king. But how much more was the joy of heaven, when the true Son of David was seated at the right hand of the Father, and when, as Solomon now received his instructions, he took the book out of the Father’s hand, and began to unloose the seals. The ten thousand times ten thousand bowed the knee, and sung a new song to him that sitteth upon the throne, and to the Lamb that was slain. Revelation 5:9. And shall we shortly be at his second and more glorious coronation, even at the marriage supper of the Lamb, where God shall wipe away all tears from our eyes?

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