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Bible Commentaries

MacLaren's Expositions of Holy Scripture


- Isaiah

by Alexander MacLaren



· The Great Suit: Jehovah Versus Judah Isa_1:1 - Isa_1:9 ; Isa_1:16 - Isa_1:20

· The Stupidity Of Godlessness Isa_1:3

· What Sin Does To Men Isa_1:30 - Isa_1:31

· The Perpetual Pillar Of Cloud And Fire Isa_4:5

· A Prophet’ s Woes Isa_5:8 - Isa_5:30

· The Empty Throne Filled Isa_6:1

· Vision And Service Isa_6:1 - Isa_6:13

· A Seraph’ s Wings Isa_6:2

· The Making Of A Prophet Isa_6:5

· Shiloah And Euphrates Isa_8:6 - Isa_8:7

· The Kingdom And The King Isa_9:2 - Isa_9:7

· Light Or Fire? Isa_10:17

· The Sucker From The Felled Oak Isa_11:1 - Isa_11:10

· The Well-Spring Of Salvation Isa_12:3

· The Harvest Of A Godless Life Isa_17:10 - Isa_17:11

· The Feast On The Sacrifice Isa_25:6

·‘ In This Mountain’ Isa_25:6 - Isa_25:8

· The Veil Over All Nations Isa_25:7

· The Song Of Two Cities Isa_26:1 - Isa_26:10

· Our Strong City Isa_26:1 - Isa_26:2

· The Inhabitant Of The Rock Isa_26:3 - Isa_26:4

· The Grasp That Brings Peace Isa_27:5

· The Judgment Of Drunkards And Mockers Isa_28:1 - Isa_28:13

· A Crown Of Pride Or A Crown Of Glory Isa_28:3 - Isa_28:5

· Man’ s Crown And God’ s Isa_28:5

· The Foundation Of God Isa_28:16

· God’ s Strange Work Isa_28:21

· The Husbandman And His Operations Isa_28:23 - Isa_28:29

·‘ Quietness And Confidence’ Isa_30:15

· God’ s Waiting And Man’ s Isa_30:18

· Three Pictures Of One Reality Isa_31:5

· The Lord’ s Furnace Isa_31:9

· The Hiding-Place Isa_32:2

· How To Dwell In The Fire Of God Isa_33:14 - Isa_33:15 ; 1Jn_4:16

· The Fortress Of The Faithful Isa_33:16

· The Rivers Of God Isa_33:21

· Judge, Lawgiver, King Isa_33:22

· Miracles Of Healing Isa_35:5 - Isa_35:6

· Mirage Or Lake Isa_35:6 - Isa_35:7

· The King’ s Highway Isa_35:8 - Isa_35:9

· What Life’ s Journey May Be Isa_35:9 - Isa_35:10

· The Triumph Of Faith Isa_37:14 - Isa_37:21 ; Isa_37:33 - Isa_37:38

· Where To Carry Troubles Isa_37:14

· Great Voices From Heaven Isa_40:1 - Isa_40:10

· Thou That Bringest Good Tidings Isa_40:9

·‘ Have Ye Not? Hast Thou Not’ Isa_40:21 ; Isa_40:28

· Unfailing Stars And Fainting Men Isa_40:26 ; Isa_40:29

· The Secret Of Immortal Youth Isa_40:30 - Isa_40:31

· Christ The Arrester Of Incipient Evil And The Nourisher Of Incipient Good Isa_42:3 - Isa_42:4

· The Blind Man’ s Guide Isa_42:16

· Thy Name: My Name Isa_43:1 ; Isa_43:7

· Jacob-Israel-Jeshurun Isa_44:1 - Isa_44:2

· Feeding On Ashes Isa_44:20

· Writing Blotted Out And Mist Melted Isa_44:22

· A Righteousness Near And A Swift Salvation Isa_45:12 - Isa_45:13

· Hidden And Revealed Isa_45:15 , Isa_45:19

· A River Of Peace And Waves Of Righteousness Isa_48:18

· Feeding In The Ways Isa_19:9

· The Mountain Road Isa_49:11

· The Writing On God’ s Hands Isa_49:16

· The Servant’ s Words To The Weary Isa_50:4

· The Servant’ s Obedience Isa_50:5

· The Servant’ s Voluntary Sufferings Isa_50:6

· The Servant’ s Inflexible Resolve Isa_50:7

· The Servant’ s Triumph Isa_50:8 - Isa_50:9

· A Call To Faith Isa_50:10

· Dying Fires Isa_50:11

· The Awakening Of Zion Isa_52:1

· A Paradox Of Selling And Buying Isa_52:3

· Clean Carriers Isa_52:11

· Marching Orders Isa_52:11 - Isa_52:12

· The Arm Of The Lord Isa_53:1

· The Suffering Servant-I. Isa_53:2 - Isa_53:3

· The Suffering Servant-II. Isa_53:4 - Isa_53:6

· The Suffering Servant-III. Isa_53:7 - Isa_53:9

· The Suffering Servant-IV. Isa_53:10

· The Suffering Servant-V. Isa_53:11

· The Suffering Servant-VI. Isa_53:12

· The Passing And The Permanent Isa_54:10

· The Call To The Thirsty Isa_55:1 - Isa_55:13

· The Great Proclamation Isa_55:1

· God’ s Ways And Man’ s Isa_55:8 - Isa_55:9

· Can We Make Sure Of To-Morrow? Isa_56:12

· Flimsy Garments Isa_59:6 ; Rev_3:18

· The Sunlit Church Isa_60:1 - Isa_60:3

· Walls And Gates Isa_60:18

· The Joy-Bringer Isa_61:3

· The Heavenly Workers And The Earthly Watchers Isa_62:1 , Isa_62:6 - Isa_62:7

· Mighty To Save Isa_63:1

· The Winepress And Its Treader Isa_63:2 - Isa_63:3

· The Sympathy Of God Isa_63:9

· How To Meet God Isa_64:5

·‘ The God Of The Amen’ Isa_65:16