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Wednesday, October 4th, 2023
the Week of Proper 21 / Ordinary 26
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MacLaren's Expositions of Holy ScriptureMacLaren's Expositions

- Jeremiah

by Alexander MacLaren



· God’s Lawsuit Jer_2:9

· Stiff-Necked Idolaters And Pliable Christians Jer_2:11

· Fountain And Cisterns Jer_2:13

· Forsaking Jehovah Jer_2:19

· A Colloquy Between A Penitent And God Jer_3:21 - Jer_3:22

· A Question For The Beginning Jer_5:31

· Possessing And Possessed Jer_10:16

· Calms And Crises Jer_12:5

· An Impossibility Made Possible Jer_13:23 ; 2Co_5:17 ; Rev_21:5

· Triumphant Prayer Jer_14:7 - Jer_14:9

· Sin’ s Writing And Its Erasure Jer_17:1 ; 2Co_3:3 ; Col_2:14

· The Heath In The Desert And The Tree By The River Jer_17:6 , Jer_17:8

· A Soul Gazing On God Jer_17:12

· Two Lists Of Names Jer_17:13 ; Luk_10:20

· Yokes Of Wood And Of Iron Jer_28:13

· What The Stable Creation Teaches Jer_31:36

· What The Immense Creation Teaches Jer_31:37

· A Threefold Disease And A Twofold Cure Jer_33:8

· The Rechabites Jer_35:16

· Jeremiah’ s Roll Burned And Reproduced Jer_36:32

· Zedekiah Jer_37:1

· The World’ s Wages To A Prophet Jer_37:11 - Jer_37:21

· The Last Agony Jer_39:1 - Jer_39:10

· Ebedmelech The Ethiopian Jer_39:18

· God’ s Patient Pleadings Jer_44:4

· The Sword Of The Lord Jer_47:6 - Jer_47:7

· The Kinsman-Redeemer Jer_50:34

·‘ As Sodom’ Jer_52:1 - Jer_52:11

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