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Bible Commentaries

Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NT

James 5

Outline of Chapter Five

1. Money 1-6

1. Warnings for the rich 1-6

2. Dangers of wealth 2-3

3. Misuse of wealth 4-6

2. Attitude 7-12

1. Patience 7-9

2. Endurance 10-11

3. Evidence of patience 12

3. Action 13-18

1. Release 13

2. Prescription 14-16

3. Power of prayer 17-18

4. The way back 19-20

Sermon Outline - Patience is:

1. A farmer - Waiting - for the rain

2. A Prophet - Suffering - in the name of the Lord

3. Job - Enduring - hardship, suffering, pain, loss

Verse 1

Discussion Questions on Chapter Five

(The question numbers refer to the verse number.)

1. Why does James say the rich are miserable?

Why should the rich weep and howl? What miseries will come to the rich? How miserable would you like to be? Why is wealth a burden which causes such pain and misery?

Verse 2

2. How are riches corrupted? Why are the garments moth eaten? Explain: With wealth, why would the garments be worn and moth eaten?

Verse 4

4. Is the laborer worthy of his hire? Is it wrong to withhold wages from the workers? What is fraud? When do the laborers cry out against the fraud? Is it fraud to under pay or withhold pay from workers? Explain: Lord of Sabaoth. What is the difference in Sabbath and Sabaoth?

Verse 5

5. Is it wrong to live in pleasure? Does this verse condemn living in luxury? Which are the following - luxury or necessity? Cell phone Microwave Running water Air conditioning Two cars Computer Define: luxury. How have the rich fattened their hearts?

Verse 6

6. How have the rich condemned the poor? In what way have they murdered the poor?

Verse 7

7. What is patience? Why do we want or need patience? Is there a difference in patience and long suffering? Why is long suffering part of the fruit of the Spirit in Gal_5:22 ? Have you ever prayed to be more patient? How do farmers learn patience? During years of drought what can we learn about being patient? What do they have to be patient for? What is the importance of the early and latter rains?

Verse 8

8. Why should be be patient? Should we be patient for the 2 nd Coming? What does “at hand” mean?

Verse 9

9. Why do we grumble? Why is our grumbling against one another? Why would we be condemned if we complain? List some things the Israelites complained about in the wilderness. Study 1Co_10:1-11 . List some things that WE gripe and complain about. Where does James describe the Judge as standing?

Verse 10

10. How are the prophets an example of suffering and patience? What is a prophet? Are there prophets today? List some suffering of the prophets.

Verse 11

11. What is the blessing of endurance? Is the Christian race a sprint or a long distance run? What is required for us to endure? How long must we endure? See Rev_2:10 See 1Co_13:4 After love has suffered long - what should it do next? What did Job suffer? What did Job endure? How does endurance teach us patience? Why is Job known for patience?

Verse 12

12. What is meant by “swear” in this passage? Why is swearing condemned? Is it wrong to swear in court, in official documents? What does James mean about our Yes be Yes? Should Christians take oaths - like the oath of office? Should our word be our bond?

Verse 13

13. Why do Christians suffer? Why is there suffering in our world? Discuss: If God is love, why does He allow such suffering? What should we do - if we are suffering? How will that help? What should we do - if we are cheerful? Does singing psalms have any impact on our attitude?

Verse 14

14. Why is there sickness, disease, illness among us? If a Christian is sick - does that mean we are sinful? What does James say should be done if we are sick? Why call for the elders? What is the purpose in their prayers for the sick? Should they literally “anoint” him with oil? What is the “oil” mentioned here? What was oil used for in New Testament times? Did oil have any value in time of injury or illness? Why did the Samaritan put oil on the man's wounds in Luk_10:30-37 ?

Verse 15

15. Is there power in prayer? Can prayer help the sick to get well? How does God answer such prayers for the sick? Is there any relationship between sickness and sin? Does God use providence to answer prayers? Define: Providence Does God still work miracles today to answer prayers? Why do-es James mention forgiveness of sins?

Verse 16

19. Can a Christian leave God and be lost? Does the Bible teach - once saved, always saved? List some reasons people leave the church. What is our responsibility to those who leave?

Verse 17

17. Discuss: Elijah. Why did Elijah pray that it NOT rain? For how long did the drought last in Israel? What would happen here if there was no rain for that long of a time?

Verse 18

18. Why did Elijah pray for rain? Did his prayer help? Was the prayer answered immediately? Read 1Ki_18:41-46

Verse 20

20. How does one “wander” from the truth? How do we bring them back? What would cause YOU to quit the church? What could others say to bring you back?

Verse 21

21. What is the result of bringing a sinner back to God? How have we saved a soul from death? Explain how that covers a multitude of sins?

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