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Romans 15

Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NTLuscombe's NT Commentary

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Verses 1-3

1 Strong = can tell essential from non-essential

Weak = can not tell the difference

Strong should --

A. Bear the infirmities of the weak

B. Not please self

2 All should please their neighbor

This is best for him

Will edify (strengthen, build up)

3 Christ did not please self

Psa_69:9 - Reproaches fell on me.

Verse 4

4 Written aforetime = Old Testament

For our learning

Through patience - waiting for God to do His will

Comfort - 1Th_4:18

Have hope

Verse 5

5 God is a God of patience

Consolation - comfort, assurance

You can be like this, too!

Be this way toward each other

Be this way toward Jesus Christ

Verse 6

6 One mind and one mouth

Mind = heart, intellect, will

Mouth = speech, outward acts, behavior

Our heart and our actions should be united

Hypocrite = mind and actions not united

Sing, pray, read Bible, L. S., give - -

Is your heart and your voice at the same place?

Verses 7-9

7 Receive one another = accept, love, support

AS Jesus accepted us

8 Jesus was a minister to the Jews (circumcision)

He confirmed the promises made to that nation


They were also promised - That promise was kept

When did Jesus minister to the Gentiles?

Gaderenes, Samaritans, Grateful leper, Good Samaritan,

God has always been concerned about Gentiles

Sodom, Ninevah, Cornilus

Verses 10-12

10 Deu_32:43 quoted

Rejoice with his people. All one, united. Not two churches (Jew - Gentile) (Black - White) (Male - Female)

11 Psa_117:1 Shortest psalm - shortest chapter in Bible

Gentile = nations Ther were Jews and everybody else

Gentiles were to praise the Lord, Laud Him

12 Isa_11:1 ; Isa_11:10

Root of Jesse (David) = Christ

Reign over gentiles

Gentiles shall trust in Him

NOTE: This text describes a peaceful kindgdom

Wolf and lamb lie down together (6-8)

Earth shall be full of knowledge of God (10)

This is not about a 1,000 year reign of Christ

This describes the early church.

Verses 13-14

13 Paul's prayer for ALL (Jew and Gentile)

God of hope


Peace in believing

Abound in hope

Power of Holy Spirit

14 P.S. And I know that God already has blessed you.

You are full of:



Able to admonish one another

NOTE: Admonish - counsel, encourage, support

Verses 15-19

15 I have written more boldly

Reminding you

Because of the gift I have (revelation)


16 Paul was chosen to minister to the Gentiles

Act_9:15 chosen vessel

Ministering the gospel

Offering of gentiles is acceptable

Sanctified by the Holy Spirit

17 I have much to boast about -

What Jesus did through me

In things that pertain to God

18 BUT - I do not dare to mention them

Christ wrought by me

To bring gentiles to obey in word and deed

19 Throught miracles (signs and wonders)

Power of Holy Spirit

From Jerusalem to Illyricum

Illyricum farthest point in Greece. As far as Paul had travelled up to this point in his life.

Fully preached the gospel of Christ

Verse 20

20 Not where Christ was already known

He did not want to build on another man's foundation. He laid foundations for others to build on.

I have preached where others have labored before me. I have been involved in helping to establish congregations from ground zero.

Verse 21

21 Isa_52:15

Not taught - shall see

Not heard - shall understand

Verses 22-24

22 Paul has had much hinderance to come to Rome

He wants to go there (1:10-15)

So many places - so little time

So many demands - so far to travel

23 I am about to run out of territory

This has been his goal for many years.

24 When I go to Spain

I will come to you

I trust to see you, to be assisted by you, filled with your company (encouraged)

Verses 25-32

25 One more obstacle -

Go to Jerusalem

Minister to the saints in need

26 Macedonia and Greece have sent money to help poor saints in Jerusalem.

NOTE: "Saints Only" teaching -

Gal_6:10 all men, esp. Christians

2Co_9:13 them (saints) and all men

27 Gentiles - partakers of spiritual things fro Jerusalem

Gentiles should share in their physical needs

Preacher supported today - same reasons

28 Finish one job - then start another

Many today start many projects - complete none of them

29 When I get there - it will be good

Come in the fullness of the blessings

Come in the gospel of Christ

30 I am begging (asking) you

For the Lord Jesus Christ's sake

For the love of the Spirit

Strive together with me

Pray to God for me

31 Paul knew that he was facing opposition in Judea

From them that do not believe (Jews)

Pray that the service (money) for saints will be accepted by the Jewish brethren

32 Pray that Paul can come to Rome in


The will of God

And be refreshed

Verse 33

33 Standard greeting, salutation and close.

Jews say, "Shalom" Hawaii, "Aloha"

Tennessee, "Howdy"

Bibliographical Information
Luscombe, Manly. "Commentary on Romans 15". Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NT. https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/mlc/romans-15.html. 2021.
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