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1 Chronicles 24

Poole's English Annotations on the Holy BiblePoole's Annotations



The priests are divided by lot into twenty-four orders, 1 Chronicles 24:1-19.

Ministers allotted them out of the Levites, out of the tribe of the Kohathites and Merarites, 1 Chronicles 24:20-31.

Verse 1

The divisions, i.e. the several branches into which that family was divided or distributed.

Verse 2

i.e. Were the only persons to whom and to whose families the execution of that office was committed.

Verse 3

According to their offices, or courses, or prefectures, i.e. allotting to each of them several times wherein they or theirs should by turns have the government of holy ministrations in the temple service.

Verse 5

Thus were they divided by lot; partly to prevent that envy or emulation which otherwise might arise among them; and partly that all men’s minds and consciences might be fully satisfied in the order now established by this Divine way of decision.

Governors of the house of God; but that is no other than the sanctuary; and so it may seem to make this division improper and irregular, the several members of it being altogether the same. Or rather, of the things of God, i.e. of all persons ministering in the sanctuary, and of all holy ministrations done in it, and of all other matters of the Lord, as they are called by way of distinction from the king’s matters, 2 Chronicles 19:11.

Verse 6

Or, the chief (which word is easily supplied out of the context) of one house of the fathers was taken (to wit, by lot)

for Eleazar, ( i.e. out of his family,) and that which was taken after it was

taken for Ithamar, i.e. out of his family. The meaning is, that the first lot fell to Eleazar, and the second to Ithamar, and the third to Eleazar, and the fourth to Ithamar; and so successively, until all the families of Ithamar had received their lots; and afterwards all the lots came forth to the rest of Eleazar’s families, which were double in number to those of Ithamar, as was said, 1 Chronicles 24:4.

Verse 7

The first lot came forth, to wit, out of the vessel, in which all the lots were promiscuously put together, and out of which they were severally taken.

Verse 19

These were the orderings of them in their service; in this order and method they were to come to perform the offices of the temple. To come into the house of the Lord, according to their manner, i.e. to come into the temple every sabbath day, and to continue there all the week long until the next sabbath, when they were relieved by others, as the manner was: see 2 Kings 11:5; 1 Chronicles 9:25.

Under Aaron their father, i.e. under the inspection and direction of the high priest, whom he calls Aaron, because he represented his person, and executed his office, and also came out of his loins, and

their father, because of the authority which by God’s appointment he had over them, and that love, reverence, and obedience which they owed to him.

Verse 20

The rest of the sons of Levi; either such as were only Levites, and not priests; or rather, such as were not named or numbered before in this or the former chapter.

Jehdeiah; who being, as it seems, an eminent person, or having a very numerous family, was not reckoned with or under his father’s family, but was accounted as a distinct head of another family.

Verse 21

Rehabiah, the son of Eliezer, 1 Chronicles 23:17. The first was Jeshiah, by birth or place.

Verse 22

Shelomoth, called also Shelomith, 1 Chronicles 23:18

Verse 23

The first; which word is fitly supplied both out of the rest of this verse, the second, third, and fourth having a manifest reference to the first, and out of 1 Chronicles 23:19; 1 Chronicles 26:31, where it is expressed.

Verse 26

Jaaziah; the son either of Mahli; or rather, of Mushi last named; for Mahli’s posterity comes 1 Chronicles 23:28.

Verse 27

Beno; whose name is here repeated with his brethren, because he was the first-born and head of the rest, who were all reckoned with and under his family, as if they had been branches of it.

Verse 29

Kish; another of Mahli’s sons, as appears from 1 Chronicles 23:21.

Verse 31

Over against their brethren the sons of Aaron, i.e. answerable for number and order to those of the priests, so as there should be a several course of the Levites for each course of the priests. This is expressed concerning the singers, 1 Chronicles 25:0, and the like is implied concerning the porters, 1 Chronicles 26:0, and is here sufficiently intimated concerning those Levites which were employed in other sacred ministrations.

The principal fathers over against their younger brethren; the lots of the elder and younger brethren were promiscuously put together, and the order was settled as the lots came forth, without any regard to the age, or dignity, or number of the persons or families, the youngest family having thee first course if they had the first lot, &c.

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