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Psalms 98

Poole's English Annotations on the Holy BiblePoole's Annotations


Psalms 98:0


The matter and scope of this Psalm is the same with the former, and is an evident prediction of the coming of the Messias, and of the blessed effects thereof.

The psalmist exhorteth Jews, Gentiles, and all the creatures to praise God for his truth and salvation.

Verse 1

God by his own only power hath overcome all difficulties and enemies, and hath in spite of all set Christ upon his throne, and propagated his kingdom in the world.

Verse 2

His salvation; the redemption or salvation of the world by the Messias; which was hitherto reserved as a secret among the Jews, yea, was not thoroughly known and believed by the most of the Jews themselves.

His righteousness; either his faithfulness in accomplishing this great promise of sending the Messias; or his goodness and mercy, oft called by this Hebrew word; or the righteousness of God or of Christ revealed in the gospel.

Verse 3

He hath now actually given that mercy which he had promised to the Israelites.

All the ends of the earth; all the inhabitants of the earth, from one end to another.

Have seen, i.e. enjoyed it, as this word is oft used, as hath been proved again and again.

Verse 4

Because you all do now partake of the same privileges with the Jews, join with them in worshipping and praising of God.

Verse 5

The worship of the New Testament is here described in phrases taken from the rites of the old, as Psalms 92:3, and oft elsewhere.

Verse 7

The fulness thereof; all those creatures wherewith it is replenished, which by a poetical strain are invited to praise God. See Poole "Psalms 96:11", See Poole "Psalms 96:12", See Poole "Psalms 96:13".

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