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Bible Commentaries

Pett's Commentary on the Bible


- Jude

by Peter Pett


As we approach what many see as a rather strange and slightly incomprehensible letter, we do well to remind ourselves of the important questions that were being raised to which Jude provides an answer. For these were as follows:

1) Is there really only one God?

2) Is there only one all-sufficient Saviour?

3) Do we have to leave behind our bodies and engage on a journey through the world of spirits in order to be able to know the one God, and our Saviour Jesus Christ?

4) Do we need to have any other mediator between God and ourselves, than the man Christ Jesus?

5) Is it permissible, even desirable, according to the Gospel, to give full reign to our fleshly lusts and desires, or is the Christian called on to abjure all such worldly desires?

6) Is there spiritual benefit to be obtained by engaging in occult practises?’

To all these questions Jude provides the Christian answer.