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Bible Commentaries

Peake's Commentary on the Bible

2 Chronicles 5

Verses 2-14

2 Chronicles 5:2 to 2 Chronicles 7:10 . The Dedication of the Temple (see notes on 1 Kings 8).— The chief points of difference between the Chronicler’ s account and 1 Kings 8 are: ( a) that in 2 Chronicles 5:4 the Levites are the bearers of the Ark ( cf. 1 Chronicles 15:2; 1 Chronicles 15:26 f.) instead of the priests as in 1 Kings 8:3; ( b) that in 2 Chronicles 5:5 “ and” is omitted between “ the priests the Levites,” the two being thus identified; the omission may, however, be merely a textual error; ( c) further, the words “ for all the priests . . . for his mercy endureth for ever” ( 2 Chronicles 7:11 b2 Chronicles 7:13 a) are not found in 1 K.; they are from the Chronicler, or possibly the addition of a later editor. These three variations illustrate the ecclesiastical standpoint of the Chronicler and the school of thought to which he belonged, ( d) In 2 Chronicles 6:41 f. there is a prayer, made up of Psalms 130:2; Psalms 132:1; Psalms 132:8-10, in place of the conclusion to Solomon’ s prayer given in 1 Kings 8:53. ( e) In 2 Chronicles 7:1 the mention of fire coming down from heaven ( cf. 1 Chronicles 21:26) is not found in 1 Kings 8:54. (ƒ ) A comparison between 2 Chronicles 7:8 f. and 1 Kings 8:65 f. well illustrates the way in which the later usage of the Chronicler’ s times was read into that of earlier days.

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