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2 Chronicles 5

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


The temple being finished, the vessels and dedicated treasures are brought into the temple, and the Lord giveth a token of his favour and acceptance.

2 Chronicles 5:1

I refer the Reader for the observations on this subject to the parallel account given of it, 1 Kings 8:2 . How delightful is it to see Solomon bringing in his treasures into the Lord's house. But, Reader! how much more lovely to behold Jesus bringing in his treasures, even his redeemed, into the house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens?

Verses 2-3

This assembly beautifully illustrates how all Israel is concerned in what concerned the ark. And how more beautiful still to consider, how all the redeemed of the Lord are concerned in what belongs to Jesus, whom that ark typified. Here let all be convened - our little ones, and even they that suck the breast!

Verses 4-5

So would I take Jesus in the arms of my faith, and all that appertains to him, and, like holy Simeon, desire to depart in peace, having seen his salvation.

Verse 6

Observe, Reader! how sacrifices made a part in every service: without shedding of blood there is no remission. Nothing but the blood of Christ cleansed from sin.

Verses 7-8

Observe, how necessary the presence of Jesus must be to sanctify both place and service.

Verse 9

That the ark was in the temple unto this day, means somewhat more, than the mere literal sense. Most probably Ezra wrote this book of the Chronicles; at which time Solomon's temple was destroyed. I rather think Ezra had a spiritual meaning in the expression; and that the phrase is intended to say, that the ark, that is, the presence of the Lord, is with Israel to this day. How delightful to consider, Jesus is with his people always, even unto the end of the world!

Verse 10

When John, the beloved apostle, in a vision, saw the temple of God opened in heaven, he saw the ark of his testament: meaning, perhaps, the everlasting perpetuity and duration of the covenant of redemption in the blood of Jesus, whom that ark prefigured. Revelation 11:19 .

Verses 11-14

What sublimity is there in this account; short as it is. The Lord's approbation of this temple is the most interesting part; in filling the house with a cloud. The Reader will not, I hope, overlook that the approbation of Jesus was by a voice coming out of the cloud, saying, This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased. Matthew 17:5 . Observe, moreover, that all the manifestations before the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ were through the medium of clouds and ordinances. But when the Son of God came, the dark dispensation was done away: We all beholding with open face, as in a glass, the glory of the Lord. And do remark yet further, that as the priests could not stand to minister before the Lord, by reason of the glory, though in a cloud, nothing could more decidedly preach, that until Jesus came, there could be no approach, no drawing nigh to the Lord Jehovah. But now we have access and redemption through his blood, we may approach with holy confidence in him and through him to a mercy-seat, and find mercy and grace to help in every time of need. Hebrews 4:14-16 .

Verse 14


Lord! as I look on, and behold the riches and stores bringing into thy temple, what have I to offer or bring to the service of my God? Blessed Jesus! give me grace, like that poor widow, whose offering thou didst regard, to bring my two mites, even my soul and body, for all I have, and all I am, and ever shall be, is from thee, Lord, and of thy bounty, and of thine own would I give thee.

But oh, precious Jesus! did the Levites take up the ark unto its place, and did the whole nation of Israel celebrate the festivity with sacrifices, which could not be told nor numbered for multitude: and shall I not prize that one all-sufficient, all-glorious, and all-effectual sacrifice, to which they ministered, which is thyself, in all the fullness of thy love and redemption!

I bless thee, thou great High Priest of a better dispensation, established upon better promises; that now no cloud can intercept the view of thee, when, in the glory of Jehovah, thou hast filled the house of our God. We can and do behold thee, by faith, in thy word, in thine ordinances, in thy visits of grace to our hearts. And we can and do behold thee, by faith, when we see thee entered into heaven itself, there to appear in the presence of God for us, having obtained eternal redemption by thy blood. Hail! holy blessed Lord Jesus! be thou our hope, our joy, our salvation here below, as thou art, and wilt be our portion forevermore.

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