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Bible Commentaries

Peake's Commentary on the Bible

Isaiah 50

Verses 1-3

Isaiah 49:22 to Isaiah 50:3 . The Promises to Zion Elaborated and Confirmed.— At a sign from Yahweh the nations shall with solicitous care bring back the exiles to Zion. Kings and queens shall tend them and do them abject homage (is it too abject for the prophet to have penned Isaiah 49:23 or Isaiah 49:26?). So shall His people’ s trust in their God be justified. But from such mighty ones can the captives be freed? Yes: for Yahweh will fight His people’ s battle, and cause their oppressors to slay one another; all men shall know that He is the deliverer. He has not finally divorced Israel— that would have required a bill of divorcement. Nor has debt compelled Him to sell His children into slavery; He has banished them as a punishment, and so He can bring them back. Why so reluctant to respond? Do they doubt His power, the power of Him who can dry up the sea and veil the heavens in darkness?

Isaiah 49:22 . bosom: the fold of the garment.

Isaiah 49:24 . Read Vulg, and Syr. ( mg.) .

Isaiah 50:2 . Apparently an appeal to a well-known tradition of Yahweh’ s exploits at the creation. Read perhaps, “ Their fish dry up (LXX), because there is no water, and their monsters on the parched land.”

Verses 4-9

Isaiah 50:4-9 . The Confidence of the Servant in Yahweh (the third Servant Song).— Here, as in Isaiah 49:1-6, the Servant is the speaker. “ Yahweh has given me the eloquence of a disciple that I may know how to answer the godless with upright words. Every morning He imparts instruction to me as to a disciple, nor have insult and cruelty caused me to shrink from the tasks He has set me. Through His help I have not been overwhelmed; upon me, confident that I shall not finally be put to shame, these cruelties have made no more impression than though I had been flint. My vindication is near. Let any accuser come forward and we will submit our case to Him. He will help me— who will pronounce me wrong? My adversaries shall perish like a moth-eaten garment.”

Isaiah 50:4 . The text is certainly corrupt. For sustain, a guess at an otherwise unknown word, read “ answer,” and for with words him that is weary: he wakeneth: a not difficult emendation gives “ the godless with upright words.”

Isaiah 50:7 . will: render, “ doth.”

Isaiah 50:8 . justifieth: i.e. pronounces in the right, opposed to

Isaiah 50:9 . condemn: i.e. pronounce in the wrong.

Verses 10-11

Isaiah 50:10 f. A Late Appendix.— The song ( Isaiah 50:4-9) is applied to the conditions of a later time when the pious Jews were oppressed by their fellow-countrymen.

Let the pious Jew hear (LXX) the Servant’ s voice, and despite his pitiful plight trust in Yahweh. Those who kindle the flames of persecution and strife shall become the victims of their own fire, and by His doom shall lie in a place of pain (Gehenna may be meant).

Isaiah 50:10 a . is not a question.

Isaiah 50:11 . gird . . . with: emend, “ set aflame.”

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