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1 Chronicles 26

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


To the account given of the singers in the former chapter, is here subjoined the list of the porters, treasurers, and store-keepers, among the Levites; and of certain officers called to the administration of the affairs of God, and the king.

Verses 1-19

The office of a porter in the temple, must certainly have been an office of high repute and importance, as appears by the characters given of such to whose lot it fell. They are said to be mighty men of valour, and for strength for the service. And evidently they are marked as being competent to the office, on account of their wisdom; for Zechariah, one of them, is said to have been a wise counsellor. And another, Simri, though not the first-born, was made chief by his father. I do not presume precisely to point out in what the principal parts of their office consisted; and more especially as the Holy Ghost hath not been particular about it. We are told that their station was at the gates. But from this feature of character we may safely infer, that the spiritual porters of Jesus' church have a very solemn trust to keep the doors, and by their wisdom, which they derive from their glorious Head, to counsel others, and by their strength which they have in Christ Jesus, to withhold others from every improper entrance into the sanctuary. Jesus is the way, and no other can be the entrance. And as to Him, so to all his, the Porter openeth. God the Holy Ghost opens to Christ, leads to Christ, helps to Christ, and takes of Christ to show the people. Lead me, Lord, in thy truth, and guide me, for thou art the God of my salvation. John 10:9; John 10:9 ; Psalms 25:5 .

Verses 20-28

Next to the Porters we find in those verses an account of the Treasurers. There must have been great abundance of stores in the Lord's house for the daily service of it. The multitude of things according to the law in the utensils used in sacrifices, as well as the costly things of the sacrifices themselves, certainly formed a vast treasury. Were not these highly emblematical of Jesus, in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge?

Verses 29-32

The last list in this chapter of the officers and judges, seems to have been for inferior services, because they are said to have been for the outward business of Israel. But no doubt, from the record here given, both of the employment and the names of the persons exercising this office, it formed an important part in the government of Israel.

Verse 32


FROM the perusal of this Chapter, the ministers of Jesus may derive, under his Spirit's teaching, sweet instruction, to show with what vigilance they are expected to stand as porters in their station. Ye shall be named (saith the prophet) the priests of the Lord. Men shall call you the ministers of our God. Placed at the doors of the house of Jesus, what an eye of vigilance should be open to everyone about to enter; to observe their walk, their life, their conversation, their object, their pursuit, their design. And how to look out and notice the approaches of the enemy, so as to defend the truth from error, and keep back the feet of those who hold the truth in unrighteousness.

From the character and officers represented here under the name of treasurers, how sweetly are the Scribes in the gospel, which are well instructed, taught the necessity of bringing out of the gospel treasury to the people, things new and old. Entrusted by Jesus with the charge of his holy word, his ordinances, and all his precious truths in a way of instrumentality; oh! how lovely is the office of those who, from their inexhaustible Storehouse, bring forth continually to the people the unsearchable riches of Christ. But on the contrary, what an awful abuse of their office do they make, who preach themselves, instead of Christ Jesus the Lord.

And let all officers, and judges, and magistrates, from this sweet chapter learn also that since the temple service with all its appendages were thus appointed, how needful it must be to manifest that they bear not the sword in vain, but by a wise and impartial administration, are counted worthy of double honor.

Lord Jesus! give to all thy servants grace in the several ordinations of thy service, that all, with a single eye to thy glory, may promote thy blessed cause, and set forward the salvation of thy people.

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