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the Week of Proper 7 / Ordinary 12
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Bible Commentaries
2 Chronicles 15

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


The history of Asa is continued through this chapter. Encouraged by Azariah, on whom the Spirit of God descended to teach the king, he entereth further in the reformation of Judah from the remains of idolatry. He removeth his mother from being queen in consequence of her idolatry.

2 Chronicles 15:1

What a mercy it was that the Lord did not forsake his people in the midst of their idolatry, but poured out of his Holy Spirit occasionally upon the minds of some to preserve a sense of his presence among them. Sweet thought!

Verses 2-7

It must have been an animating thing after the victory, and in the moment of returning from the spoils of the foe, - this address of Azariah. And observe how seasonable it was. Though the Lord had given them victory, had heard and answered prayer; and had destroyed the enemy; yet let not Asa and his people suppose that they might now return to folly. There is more cause than ever now to keep close to the Lord, that the mercy lately manifested might be perpetuated. Reader! mark what is here said with an eye to Jesus? Hath he lately helped us in our conflicts with the enemy? Hath he given us to see our nothingness, and his all-sufficiency? Let these things become only a more earnest call upon our hearts to see our daily need of him, and that we may act more faith upon him. Let his glory be our chief aim: and this will ensure us his abiding favor.

Verse 8

How delightful it is to see the gracious effects of the prophet's preaching on the heart of Asa. Such, Reader! ought all the gracious messages of our God, in his blessed gospel, to have upon our hearts, to give courage and strength for the holy war, and to animate our souls more and more to forget things which are behind, and to press forward to those which are before; and thus to press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:13-14

Verses 9-15

This convening of the people was a very proper thing after so glorious an instance of the divine mercy; in order that all the people, because all were interested in the deliverance, might send up their praises together. And it is delightful to remark, that the assembly became numerous, and fell to Asa out of all Israel in abundance, because they saw that the Lord his God was with him. Oh! Reader! what unknown powers of persuasion would be found in that argument, could we but carry that proof with us, that the Lord our God is with us. Such we are told will be the grand predisposing cause, in making up the gospel church at the last times, when Jew, and Gentile, are to be brought into one fold. Ten men shall take hold of the skirts saying, we will go with you for we have heard that God is with you. Zechariah 8:23 . How beautiful a view is here given of the sacred joy of this people. And what a complacency is described in the Lord's being found of them, and giving them rest! surely those sacrifices, and this covenant, were by faith in the promised seed and looking unto Jesus!

Verses 16-19

I admire Asa's integrity, in that his eye would not spare even his own mother. Surely there can be no real love to the Lord, that suffers any creature to become a rival. He that loveth father and mother more than me is not worthy of me. Precious Jesus! give me grace to follow thee wholly, though the ties of nature plead ever so powerfully. Thou who hast made me, redeemed me, and given me all my comforts; surely thou hast an unquestionable right to be loved, and closely adhered to above all.

Verse 19


How beautiful upon the mountains (saith the prophet) are the feet of them that publish salvation. And a lively token of divine favor, in the person of Azariah, was given here in this embassy from God to his people. And was not the purport of his visit to the same effect? Did he not hold forth the presence, the favor, the love, the assurance of protection to the people, while adhering to their covenant engagements? And what were these things but shadows and types of Jesus?

And what is it now? Ambassadors are sent by the Lord Jesus to propose and negotiate with poor sinful men, an embasage of mercy, favor, and peace. On Jesus, our fullness, our security, our very being and safety depend. And if, while these glorious tidings of God's good-will to men are held forth to us like Asa and the people, our very souls go forth in praise, and love with thanksgiving, for the unspeakable gift of God in his dear Son: oh! how certain is it, that the Lord will give us rest on every side from all our enemies. The Lord will fight our battles for us, and we shall hold our peace, When a man's ways please the Lord, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.

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