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Bible Commentaries

Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary

2 John

- 2 John

by Robert Hawker



It is highly probable, from the opening of this Epistle, that it was particularly directed to some one Person, and not the church at large. But still, from the contents of it, designed for general use. The word translated Lady, which corresponds to the Hebrew name Martha, might be a general name. But, certain it is, that it hath respect to every child of God, for it is connected with the title Elect.

Our chief concern is, to know, that the Writer of it was inspired to the service, and that he wrote it under the immediate influence and direction of the Holy Ghost. And this the testimony of the Church bears witness to, in every age, wherever the Lord hath blessed it in instruction to his people.

We have no particular date to it, neither of the place from whence it was written. But, neither are these things material. It is but short: yet, if the Lord teach in it, and by it, He can render it sweet. Lord! Let thy unction be upon it, and it will then send forth the fragrancy of Christ's name, as the ointment poured forth!