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Bible Commentaries

Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary

3 John

- 3 John

by Robert Hawker



Here is another short, but precious Epistle of the same writer, under God the Holy Ghost, as the former. And this is also written to a private person, and not publicly to the church. Who this Gaius was, to whom the beloved Apostle sent this Epistle, is not known, though it hath occasioned much conjecture. He calls him well-beloved. No doubt, as a child of God, he was so; and, on this account, John called him so. Paul had a companion of this name, which we read of, Acts 19:29 and Acts 20:4 . But, it is hardly possible that this was the same person to whom John writes this Epistle, for there must have been more than thirty years between the date of those times. However, this is not so material. It is enough for us to know, that this Gaius was well-beloved of John; and, consequently, one of the elect of God. And we know also, that God the Holy Ghost directed the Apostle's heart and pen to write it, and hath caused it to be recorded for the Church's benefit. These things are enough in recommendation.

I beg the reader to enter, with me, upon the perusal of it in prayer. And very sure I am, if we pray over it, we shall profit under it. May the Lord therefore bless it to our use, and to the whole Church of God in Christ. Amen.