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the Week of Proper 3 / Ordinary 8
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Bible Commentaries
Deuteronomy 16

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


The servant of GOD is prosecuting the subject of divine laws through this as in the foregoing chapter. We have here the precept for the observance of the three yearly feasts: of the Passover; of Pentecost; and of tabernacles. Beside these, here is a direction for the offerings of the people at those feasts, and the prohibition of making groves and images.

Verses 1-8

The HOLY GHOST hath evidently shown his divine approbation of the observance of the typical representation of JESUS'S sufferings and death, as our Paschal Lamb, by the frequent mention of it. This was largely set forth, Exodus 12:0 . but here it is again repeated. It is sweet to the believer to reflect, that in ages so remote, and at so long a period before the coming of JESUS, the representation of our deliverance by him should be shadowed out in the church. Reader! do you really and truly believe what the apostle saith, that CHRIST is our Passover, and that he was sacrificed for us? Oh! then let us keep the feast, and let us eat with holy joy the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth! 1 Corinthians 5:7-8 .

Verses 9-12

Reader! is it not a subject of heartfelt satisfaction, and demanding a most grateful acknowledgment to our GOD, that as the observance of the Passover happened at the very time JESUS our Passover was offered upon the cross; so the feast of weeks, which represented the outpouring of the HOLY GHOST, happened at the very time when the blessed SPIRIT came down at first in an open display at the day of Pentecost, upon the minds of the Apostles and first followers of the LORD? Could anything more decidedly point out the wisdom of GOD in this ordination? See Luke 22:1 compared with Acts 2:1 .

Verses 13-15

Moses doth not repeat in this place what sacrifices were to be observed in keeping this feast of tabernacles. These were particularly appointed. Numbers 29:12 .

Verses 16-17

Here the whole three feasts are brought within one precept for their observance. And who is there but must, in a gospel sense, desire to honour JEHOVAH in the observance of ordinances and means of grace, which keep in view the sacrifice of JESUS, the effusion of the HOLY GHOST, and that GOD hath tabernacled among us in substance of our flesh? These things are indeed great joy to all people. Luke 2:10 .

Verses 18-20

Though it seems that these appointments, were of a civil and political kind, and therefore make a digression from what went before, yet they serve to show the gracious attention of GOD toward his people. Romans 13:1 .

Verses 21-22

Is it not astonishing that a people so highly favored of GOD should need such precepts as these to keep them from idolatry? But alas! even in gospel days, and under a better dispensation, established upon better promises, what a tendency there is to set up the idol under one form or other, in the human heart.

Verse 22


BLESSED GOD! give me grace to observe, with holy joy and thankfulness, the solemn seasons of thine appointment, in communication of thy mercies. I would pray indeed for the leadings of the HOLY SPIRIT, to observe the month of Abib, which pointed to JESUS, and his one, all-sufficient sacrifice, all the year; and since CHRIST, our Passover, is sacrificed for us, I would, all the year, keep the feast. And no less, thou blessed HOLY SPIRIT, would I beseech thee to pour upon me thy precious influence, that every day may be the renewal of the day of Pentecost to my soul. Oh! that thou wouldst come down as showers on the new-mown grass, to revive my drooping, languishing heart, by the soul-strengthening communications of thy love. And dearest LORD, when I appear before thee in thy courts, and house of prayer, oh! constrain my heart that I may not appear before thee empty. But, having so much communicated to me of thy fulness, my poorer brother may partake of my overflowing cup; and I may by grace be able, both in temporals and spirituals, to comfort others with the same comforts wherewith I myself am comforted of GOD.

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