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Exodus 6

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


This becomes an interesting Chapter, in that a gracious God, in answer to the complaints of Moses and the people, takes occasion therefrom to assure them of the reality of his delivering them from the oppressions of Egypt, by proclaiming his glorious incommunicable name of Jehovah, the promise-making, and promise-performing God. Moses is again commanded to repair to the court of Pharaoh: and by the way to assure the people that the Lord their God had heard their cries, and that he would deliver them. Moses expresseth his reluctance and desires to be excused going again before Pharaoh; but the Lord's commands are absolute. The Holy Ghost hath thought proper in this place to introduce the ancestry of Moses and Aaron in the tribe of Levi, together with that of the tribes of Simeon and Reuben.

Exodus 6:1

In answer to the complaints of Moses, and the cries of the children of Israel, the Lord gives assurance that such shall be the event, that Pharaoh shall at length not only let the people go but earnestly desire their departure. See Exodus 12:31-33 .

Verse 2

How sweet and precious is this declaration! Reader! do you know the Lord under this glorious character? It means everything that can carry with it self-existence, and self-sufficiency. See Isaiah 40:11-28 ; Revelation 22:13 .

Verse 3

But Reader! do you know the Lord as he stands related in covenant engagements to his people? Here the view is doubly sweet and refreshing; for it carries with it this idea, that what God had promised he would perform. Oh! it is delightful to have a personal knowledge of God in a covenant way under this glorious character! Exodus 14:18 ; Isaiah 44:6 .

Verse 4

Genesis 38:4; Genesis 38:4 ; 2 Samuel 23:5 .

Verse 5

Exodus 2:24 ; Psalms 106:4 .

Verse 6

Observe how often in this verse the Lord confirms his promises by referring to himself; - I am the Lord: I will bring you out: I will rid you: I will redeem you! Lord give grace to our hearts to reply; so do Lord as thou hast said! Oh, for faith to believe in God! 1 John 5:10-11 .

Verse 7

Hosea 2:23 .

Verse 8

Genesis 26:3; Genesis 26:3 .

Verse 9

Proverbs 13:12 ; Isaiah 28:12 .

Verses 10-12

Exodus 4:10-13 ; Jeremiah 1:6 .

Verse 13

Philippians 2:14 .

Verses 14-25

By a reference to other parts of scripture this descent may be more fully explained. See Genesis 46:9 , etc. 1 Chronicles 6:1-16 ; Numbers 3:17 .

Verse 27

Psalms 77:20 ; 1 Samuel 12:8

Verse 30

Exodus 4:10


Nothing can be more refreshing to the soul under all the discouragements and trials of the faithful, than the firm assurance that we are brought into covenant with a God whose promises and performances are sure to correspond. Our fathers in the church of old knew God under this glorious character, and now it is confirmed to us and sealed in the blood of Jesus, how earnest is every appeal made to the heart to believe the record which God hath given of his Son.

Reader! pause once more over the view this Chapter affords of the timidity of Moses and the unbelief of the Israelites. Alas! what is any man in his highest attainments unsupported by divine strength. My Brother! may we learn this lesson from it, and it will be profitable to place no confidence in ourselves; but may all our sufficiency be in the Lord. We can never trust ourselves too little, nor our God too much. I can do nothing by myself, (said one of old), but I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

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