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Genesis 37

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


The interesting history of the Patriarch Joseph, the son of Israel, begins at this Chapter. And as he is in many instances a most striking type of the LORD JESUS, it merits our attention the more. Here therefore I beg the Reader to call to mind the motto with which I opened our comment on this book of Genesis: Moses wrote of CHRIST. This Chapter hath for its contents the commencement of Joseph's history at the 17th year of his age: the partiality of his father for him: the envy of his brethren: their conspiracy against him: their selling him for a slave: and the distress of Jacob in consequence of the loss of Joseph

Verses 1-2

From the review of Esau's splendid race of dukes and kings, we are here introduced among the humble children of Jacob, who are shepherds and husbandmen.

Verses 3-4

Judges 5:30 ; 2 Samuel 13:18 . It were to be wished that parents would remember the apostle's precept, of doing nothing by partiality. 1 Timothy 5:21 . Observe on the subject of hatred: Joh 7:7 ; 1 John 2:11 .

Verse 5

Dreams in the patriarchal age were frequently prophetical. 1 John 3:15 .

Verses 6-7

This was literally fulfilled; see Gen_42:6; Gen_43:26; Gen_44:14 .

Verses 8-10

See Luke 19:14 ; Genesis 46:29 . Jacob's idea of this dream was, that the Sun represented himself; as a father is the source of life and warmth and nourishment to his family; that the Moon meant his wife, for as the moon derives its influence from the sun, so the wife from her husband; and the exact number of eleven stars expressly particularized the eleven sons of Israel.

Verses 11-12

Luke 2:51; Luke 2:51 ; Acts 7:9 ;

Shechem lay near 60 miles from Hebron.

Verses 13-16

Joseph's question leads the mind to that, Song of Solomon 1:7 .

Verse 17

Dothan, a little distance from Shechem, 2 Kings 6:13 .

Verses 18-22

Luke 20:14

See Genesis 42:22 .-Observe how the LORD interposes by his instruments in the hour of need!

Verse 20

Psalms 64:5

Verse 23

Reader! look at him, of whom Joseph was in this instance the type! Matthew 27:28 .

Verses 24-26

Zechariah 9:11

Did not David ask a similar question, as typical of JESUS? Psalms 30:9 .

Verse 25

Amos 6:6 ; Jeremiah 8:22 .

Verse 27

So was the LORD JESUS sold by one of his disciples. Hebrews 2:14 .

Verse 28

Judges 6:3 .-How striking a resemblance to JESUS! Matthew 26:15 . Twenty pieces of silver amounted to about forty-six shillings of our money.

Verses 29-36

Genesis 39:1 ; Hebrews: Eunuch, or Chamberlain of Pharaoh's household, as well as Captain of the guard.

Verse 32

Proverbs 28:13 .

Verse 33

Genesis 44:28 .

Verse 35

Gen_42:38; Gen_44:29-31 .

Verse 36


Reader! there are many practical reflections for the suppression of anger in its first appearance; and many useful improvements for the discountenancing partiality to children, which may be gathered from this Chapter, and which under grace you will do well to regard. But I turn aside from every other consideration, as of less moment, in order to follow up the evident intention of the HOLY GHOST in this Chapter, to behold him, whom the Patriarch Joseph plainly shadowed out in several striking circumstances of his character.

And did not GOD the FATHER send his beloved Son from the realms of bliss into this our world, to see if it were well with us, and how we fared? But though he came full of love and mercy, yet when he came unto his own, his own received him not. Did they not conspire against him? nay, why do I say did they not, have we not all by sin and by rebellion conspired against him, sold him into the hands of the Gentiles, and by wicked hands have crucified and slain him? Was he not stripped of his raiment, cast into the pit, and his grave made with the wicked in his death, because he had done no violence, neither was there any deceit found in his mouth! Oh! thou Almighty Joseph of thy brethren! give me grace to see that though thou hast been despised and rejected of men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief; and I have, (like those unnatural brethren), hid as it were my face from thee; yet by the sovereignty of thy grace help me to see, that thou wert sent by GOD the FATHER, to look after and provide for my everlasting welfare. Thou art sent indeed before thy people, and to save their lives by a great deliverance. Hail, thou dear Redeemer! henceforth may the language of my heart be, blessed be he that cometh in the name of the LORD.

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