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Genesis 47

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


The Patriarchal history is continued, mixed with an account of Joseph's wise administration concerning the affairs of Egypt. Joseph having informed Pharaoh king of Egypt of his father's arrival, and having introduced first some of his brethren, and then his father, to Pharaoh; the king ordered the best of the land for their accommodation. The famine still continuing, the Egyptians again apply to Joseph for bread, whose prudent conduct in the distribution of the same, endears him yet more and more to Pharaoh and all his people. After seventeen years residence in Egypt the Patriarch Jacob finding symptoms of his end approaching, sends for Joseph, and gives him charge concerning his burial.

Verses 1-2

Reader! so must JESUS present us before GOD and our FATHER, or we cannot come before him, John 14:6 .

Verses 3-4

Observe, sojourners, not citizens. Believers at the best are no other. Psalms 39:12 .

Verses 5-9

Observe Jacob counts his years as days, so Job 14:1 ; Psalms 90:10; Psalms 90:10 .

Verses 10-21

Exodus 18:21

These verses are a digression from the history of the Patriarchs, and serve only to manifest the wisdom and prudence in Joseph's government. There is one sweet lesson however to be derived from it, spiritually considered; namely, to what a famine is our nature reduced, until our Almighty Joseph grants us a supply of living bread. But Reader! do not overlook how GOD supplied the Patriarch and his household, while the Egyptians were perishing in their own land. Read that scripture: Isaiah 65:13 .

Verse 11

Hebrews 7:7 .

Verse 12

1 Timothy 5:8 .

Verse 22

In all places respect hath been thus paid to religion, Ezra 7:24 .

Verses 23-28

It is somewhat remarkable that Jacob lost Joseph at the age of seventeen: and now the LORD grants the same number of years for them to be together. The intermediate space of Joseph's life, the LORD had other employment for him.

Verse 29

Hebrews 9:27 .

Verses 29-30

Deuteronomy 26:5

All the Patriarchs had this desire, And the apostle assigns the reason: Genesis 50:25 . Compared with Hebrews 11:22 .

Verse 31

May we not spiritualize this promise confirmed by an oath? Doth not JESUS in effect promise the same, to all his people. John 11:25-26 ; Hosea 13:14 ; Hebrews 6:17-18 . Genesis 47:0


What sweet lessons do the lives of the Patriarchs Jacob and Joseph afford, of endearing ties of parental and filial affection? Would we learn the influence of grace refining nature's feelings, let us read over those sacred records.

Reader! do not forget to spiritualize the Egyptian monarch's question to the hoary Patriarch, and ask the same of your own heart. How old are you m grace? What years, what days can you number since you were new born? Few and evil no doubt are the best of our days in the best of our pilgrimage. But do not forget that the spiritual arithmetic is not counted by natural calculations' for the child of grace shall die an hundred years old; but the sinner still remaining in an unconverted, unrenewed state, being an hundred gears old shall be accursed.

From the tender affection of Joseph to his dying father, in the promise he made him, let me turn my eyes and contemplate Joseph's LORD and Saviour in the promise he troth left to all his people. He saith to all the true spiritual seed of Israel now, as to the Patriarch himself; Fear not to go down to the grave, I will be with thee. And this thought is a sweet thought: the covenant holds good in death as in life. The grave cannot dissolve it. When we live, we live unto the LORD: and when we die, we die unto the Lord: so that living or dying we are the LORD'S. O thou that hast the keys of hell and death; sweetest Saviour! be thou my GOD, my guide and my companion, both in life and in death: then to live will be CHRIST, and to die will be gain.

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