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the Week of Proper 3 / Ordinary 8
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Bible Commentaries
Isaiah 2

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


We have in this chapter, strong, though distant views given of the coming of Christ. In the prospect, the Lord is set forth as both glorious and solemn to the people.

Isaiah 2:1

The man of God, takes a similar text to what he had used in his former sermon, with only this difference, that what he had termed a vision in the last discourse, be calls the word in the present; but the audience are the same, Judah and Jerusalem, the church of God, is the congregation.

Verses 2-4

The prophet Micah had a similar commission in his day to deliver, and he executed it almost in the same words: see Micah 4:1-5 . There are several very blessed promises delivered by both the Lord's servants, all which had a gracious eye to the prosperity of Zion, in the latter day dispensation; and in the person and salvation of the Lord Jesus, hath been in part fulfilled, and is perhaps now, and will be more and more fulfilling on the earth. The mountain of the Lord's house, means Zion; or perhaps more immediately Christ himself, on whom Zion is founded. Jesus is the foundation-stone Jehovah hath laid in Zion, Isaiah 28:16 , compared with 1 Peter 2:6-8 . This church of Jesus, and in Jesus, is to be established; meaning its durableness and permanency. For the gates of hell shall never prevail against it, Matthew 16:18 . Reader! do not forget, that every true believer in Jesus, is this very day, in himself, a living testimony to this blessed truth. So that what was predicted, so many years before Christ came in substance of our flesh; and what hath remained for near two thousand years since Christ finished the establishment of his church, and returned to glory, becomes a precious evidence to comfort the people of God now. But what I particularly beg the Reader to keep an eye upon, and to rejoice in the confirmation of, is that part of the promise, that all nations shall flow unto it. Sweet thought! Jesus is the desire of all nations; because poor awakened sinners in all nations, find their want of him. Hence here is a promise, folded up in this blessed prophecy, that all nations, the Gentile as well as the Jew, shall flow unto Christ, They shall come that are ready to perish, when the great trumpet is blown. And their certainty of coming is secured; for it was one of the covenant promises of God the Father to God the Son; Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power, Psalms 110:3 . But we must not stop here, in our view of these delightful verses. The many that resolve to go up to the house of the Lord, are said to unite others to come with them. Yes! the soul truly awakened to the knowledge and enjoyment of Jesus, will never love to eat his morsel alone. He knows that there is enough in Jesus for all; and therefore he longs for all to partake. He doth not say, Do you go, for I have found him gracious; but, Let us go together. Reader, do mark with me, the blessedness of a gospel walk, and life, and conversation. Never did Zion languish more than now, for the want of these quickening of each other to her societies. Oh! that there was more zeal for the interests of Christ's church, among Christ's people. And, Reader, take one short observation more, upon these verses, and observe with me, with what confidence it is spoken, that the Lord will teach of his ways, and give grace to walk in his paths. Surely by attending upon ordinances, these things are found. The Lord will be found of them that seek him, and by waiting upon the Lord the people shall renew their strength, Isaiah 40:31 ; Psalms 27:7 . And let not the Reader think I trespass, if I add, the blessings of the gospel church, will be, as here stated: war and bloodshed would cease, if the spirit of the gospel were truly followed. Alas! what cause of sorrow is it, that so many nations and individuals, take the name of Christ, which are foes to the spirit of Christ. Oh that they would lay it to heart: if any man have not the spirit of Christ, call himself what he may, he is none of his, Romans 8:9 .

Verses 5-9

Here the prophet takes occasion to call upon the Jewish church, from the zeal of the Gentile: and since the heathen is so forward to go up to the house of the Lord, how much more ought the Lord's own people to be alive to this service? Reader! it were devoutly to be prayed for, that both Jew and Gentile were mutually striving for the faith of the gospel. But alas! holy have both sinned, and come short of God's glory! If God's ancient people, the Jews, have forsaken the Lord, what shall we say more in favor of the Gentile church? But the pursuits of silver and gold, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eye, and the pride of life; these sweep away the time, the heart, and affections, and leave men satisfied with the form, while destitute of the power of godliness.

Verses 10-21

This Portion of the chapter opens in a very solemn manner. Whether the prophet means the visitations of God in the day of calamity of this world; or refers to the day of judgment for another; in both cases it is solemn. See Revelation 6:12-17 . But is there not a spiritual sense of the passage, alluding to the day, when God by his Holy Spirit, awakens conviction in the heart? Never surely doth the soul lie lower in the dust before God, than when a sense of sin, and the fear of the wrath to come, first breaks in from the Spirit's awakening in the soul. Then pleasant pictures and high mountains, both the cedars of Lebanon, and the oaks of Bashan, are as nothing: the sinner wants to flee if possible from himself; and nothing can comfort the soul under the apprehension of God's wrath against sin, until Christ is revealed in all the suitableness of the Saviour, and formed in the heart the hope of glory.

Verse 22

What a beautiful and striking close is made in this verse to all that went before. If man be nothing, yea worse than nothing, so full of terror, and so exposed to fear, who would put any confidence in him? His life is but a vapour: his breath is in his nostrils. Cease, cease from him! Look unto Jesus.


READER! look at the beauty and loveliness of the gospel church! Behold how, ages before it was established, the prophet set it forth. And see now how exactly the church of Jesus comes up to his description. In its great and almighty Author and Founder, behold how it is, and hath been established. And though in the present day, Zion seemeth, and doth indeed languish: yet Christ hath never been, nor ever will be, without a seed serving him, and a church where his name is blessed.

Ought not we to go up to this mountain of the Lord's house? Should not everyone be truly anxious to say with the church of old: Our feet shall stand in thy gate, O Jerusalem? Precious Lord Jesus! Do thou incline our souls to seek thee, our hearts to love thee, and our best affections to be fixed upon thee. And will thou not, O Lord, teach us of thy ways, and cause us to walk in thy paths? Reader! let us not close this sweet chapter, before we have first learned from it, under divine teaching, rightly to value man's nothingness, and the Lord's excellency. Precious Jesus! I would lie low in the dust before thee: convinced that I am nothing, and that I can merit nothing, mine eyes shall be up unto thee, Lord, for all I need, and for all I can require, for grace in this life, and glory in that which is to come. Lord, I would cease from man: I would cease from self: I would cease from everything in which might be supposed confidence. I pray thee, dear Lord, to give me confidence in thee. Oh for grace to sing that song, and feel its saving power on my heart: The Lord is my strength and my song, and thou art become my salvation!

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