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Bible Commentaries

Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary

Isaiah 29

Verse 1


The Prophet is here reproving Jerusalem, and showing their folly. Towards the close of the Chapter, the Lord gives some sweet promises to the house of Jacob.

Verses 1-2

W e might have been at a loss to know what the Prophet meant by Ariel, had he not himself explained its by adding, the city where David dwelt; consequently Jerusalem. The word itself is taken from a root, signifying the Lion. But the Chapter opens with a woe upon it; and it should seem, from the manner in which the sacrifices were offered, it was on this account; probably in those sacrifices, the people did not join faith in Christ, and hence, all sacrifices without an eye to Christ, must be followed with a woe.

Verses 3-13

Here are the same, or similar denunciations, as have been before noticed. God's judgments for men's rebellion. And what makes the whole most awful, is, that those judgments and punishments remain unsanctified. The people did indeed, when the Lord's afflictions were upon them, call upon the Lord; but it was in form only, not in heart. Lip service, not soul affection, constituted the whole of their religion. Reader! look narrowly over your own heart, under this particular: rottenness begins there. Ezekiel 33:30-32 ; Jeremiah 12:2 ; Matthew 15:8 .

Verses 14-16

All spiritual visitations which the Lord makes upon his people, are among the heaviest of his judgments. And in what an awful instance was this prediction fulfilled, and is still fulfilling, on Israel, in their rejection of Christ, the Lord of life and glory!

Verses 17-19

Here the Lord comes in with sweet promises, for the Lord still favors his people, and will have mercy upon Israel. Hence, therefore, here are blessings of fruitfulness promised; blind eyes are to be opened, deaf ears to be unstopped, and humble souls shall be made joyful in the Lord: And who doth not, or will not see, in all this, the outlines of the coming of Jesus? Compare Isaiah 35:5 , with Matthew 11:5 , and then ask whether words can be plainer?

Verses 20-21

This prophecy surely had its accomplishment, also, when the Scribes and Pharisees sought to entangle Jesus in his talk; Matthew 22:15-22 ; Luke 20:20 .

Verses 22-24

Reader! above all things, do remark how gracious the Chapter closeth. The Lord will be friends with Jacob, notwithstanding all his rebellion. The cause is assigned, the Lord redeemed Abraham, that is, in the covenant of redemption founded in Christ; and in the promise to Abraham, Jacob's seed was included. Oh! the grace of God in Christ! Isaiah 42:24-25 , and immediately followed with Isaiah 43:1-7 .

Verse 24


MY soul! learn from Jerusalem's transgressions, and from Jerusalem's sorrow, how to form proper conceptions of thy unworthiness, and the Lord's chastisement of thy sins. Surely, as in a mirror, mayest thou behold thy features, and learn from both, the sweet instructions of thy God. Well mayest thou take up the language of the Apostle, and say, what then, are we better than they? No, in no wise: for he hath proved both Jews and Gentiles all under sin.

Blessed Lamb of God! it is thou, and thou only, that art the burden-bearer of thy people's sins, and hast taken them away by thy blood. Oh! for grace to behold thee as the sole cause of Jehovah's pardoning love, having made our peace by the blood of the cross. And oh! for grace to plead in thee, and by thee, the whole blessings of the covenant promised to Abraham, that no faces of Israel's true seed may gather paleness. It is in thee, blessed Jesus, that all nations shall be blessed. Out of thee, there can be no blessing; but in thee, all blessings to Jacob's seed abound. May my soul live upon thee and thy fulness, and may all the redeemed sanctify thy name, and sanctify the Holy One of Jacob, and fear the God of Israel.

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